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Lesson 88: Review: “The light has come.”  “I am under no laws but God’s.”

The Course says that we now can celebrate the end of our lapse into forgetting our connection and shared energy with God; this connection sustains us perfectly in every way.  The Course says specifically this is already accomplished.  When we sit in the hope that maybe something will happen in the future that we hope will be fortunate, but we have no way of feeling sure about the fact that this possibility will come to fruition, this, for sure, is not the way we want to live.  We don’t want to be stuck in our fear of what may happen.

We do not want to be subjected to the emotional ups and downs we have when we sit on the edge of our seat all the time with ongoing fright when we can’t count on the future or the present to be in a way that suits us.

This then causes us great inner turmoil.  When we are always wonder if and when God will get around to looking after our business; then we will be constantly in a pathetic place as we will never meet our day with certainty.

The Course wants us to show up to life with God’s certainty right under our arm and in our hearts and minds.  This certainty allows us to live in the knowing that we are taken care of and we are given the best of the best of situations.

We just have to take it in and realize all the time that we are lovable exactly as we are because God deems us perfectly worthy. 

God never changes his mind about us so we never have a moment when we can’t rely on our certainty being within us.  We just have to accept that we are lovable.

This is the way to incorporate God’s light with us and make it ours completely.

The Course says God’s light has come.

God’s light and also our certainty are always exactly in this moment and will continue to be available and present in every moment after this one.  

This is why we can sit and do nothing more or less.   We have God’s light already within us.   Often we worry that we will not have an inkling about how to get our hands on God’s light because it seems ideal.  Therefore, we want to feel it and partake in it.  This is perfectly fine.  We just accept that we don’t have divine knowledge about how to get to God’s light.

All we need to do is know that God’s light is what we want.

When we simply entertain this idea that God’s light is our greatest want then we can simply ask God to make it clear to us in our vision so we are able to see that moments are all appropriate for bringing miracles. 

We won’t see anything but the perfect opportunity to bring God’s light as long as we stay focused on His message of healing and energy.  God’s message of healing is bringing in His love or His light.   This is always how to get our minds to that place of awareness that this problem- whatever it may be- is already resolved completely because the light has already come.  All we have to do is realize this and stay very clear internally that we are not resisting it in any way.  When we resist we can’t remember that we have all we need now to resolve any perspective that anything is wrong in the world.

This lesson says, “I am under no laws but God’s.”  “This is the perfect statement of my freedom.”

We are given the wedge in the door of our closed ego mind when entertain the ideas that we can let go of our beliefs in the validity of the world’s laws. 

The Course says this is the beginning of the undoing of those particularly difficult to release restraints in the world.  Laws in the world are all bits of limitation because our egos believe that there is no way around them.  We start to kowtow to those laws because we just make the assumption with the rest of the masses that the world’s laws have a strong degree of meaning.

The Course teaches us however that worldly laws just keep us stuck.  We can’t well think outside of the box when we are invested in the validity of the world’s laws.  This means our whole perspective will also be from this minute box where we think we have walls on all sides.  This is the end to our emotional freedom when we start to believe that this box determines how we can live and what kinds of solutions we can find in the world.  We want to do everything with God as God’s whole identity and unique power is unlimited in all ways.  Therefore, God does not get relegated to operate from the box.  This is not the way of God.

If we want to think in alignment with God’s energy and purpose, we need to clearly understand that we can not believe in the limitations of the world’ laws and the walls of the box if we are set on the idea of joining God.

This is why it never works to join the world’s insanity and limitation no matter how hard we might try. 

We are not assigned to be limited because we are created in the image of God.    The Course is teaching us to get up out of the box and walk again on strong, able legs- without the world’s laws being our limited standard.


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