ACIM Lesson 165

Lesson 165: “Let not my mind deny the thought of God.”

The Course teaches how powerful is our sense of denial.  When we deny something we are acting like it is not true.

Denial is strong in that when we deny something we make it unreal. 

It becomes as if it has no reality in the life we live.  Denial means we must stand up against something and refuse to believe in it.  The power of denial gives us the means we create our reality.  Whatever we deny we accept the opposite is true.

The Course teaches how we can deny the parts of our illusion we currently engage in. 

We need to have a very firm grip on what it is we perceive.  Sometimes we need to firmly state that we believe in something else instead.

The Course says that we are meant to deny parts of the illusion we see because it is not of God.  This is how we assure our peace and happiness when we use denial in God’s purpose and in Godly perception.  What works is when we are willing to deny the feelings that we don’t ideally want in excess, like anything that is not love- like guilt, blame, resentment, fear, anger and so on.

We want to use denial in these instances where our denial is so firm, we actually then don’t allow these feelings that are not love to linger internally. 

This is the way to feel them when that is helpful and then we let them go from our mental gymnastics because we can.  

Since they can be denied in full, then we can return to our own feeling of peace because the emotional roller coaster we simply refuse to participate in via our denial.

The Course teaches us along the way how important denial is in our own maintaining our peace of mind.  Denial is the way we make the clear commitment to what we want to choose.  Anything we deny we are not willing to feel and entertain. We want to use denial for us to get back to God.  That means after we clear our minds of anything that isn’t love, we also want to remember to fill our minds with Love instead.

The Course says that we want to remember when our egos behave wildly and simply start to deny God.  This is where we have taken the wrong path.  However it looks when we choose God, this is always the only path we want to be on.  That means that we want to steer clear of denying God because this would surely be our mistake.

The problem is the we often don’t  realize we have turned away from God in our moment of madness and simply forgot what we must do for our peace and joy. 

The Course says that God’s thought and purpose is always resolute and in tact.  This means that God’s Mind will continue into eternity because it is timeless.

We are guaranteed God has a plan about how to teach us how us how to walk in love- that we never forgot no matter what.

The Course says see this for what it is and then remember that denying God’s Thought is futile.  

We simply can not do it no matter how hard we try.  This is the greatest news ever.  We have a back up plan.  Sometimes we can’t remember not to deny God because the ego sings quite loudly and we are deaf to God in our nightmares.  Even when we have days we forget to join with the loving creatures of God and we forget that we want to be with God over any other agenda, sometimes we still forget to not deny God.  This is why the Course says this never works anyway.  God will never be without us.

This means we can sit and laugh about the crazy agenda to vacate our connection with God. 

  1. Bob 8 years ago

    Once again, your words ring true Laurie, “Mental Gymnastics”

  2. Bob 8 years ago

    Your use of the word “entertain” is awesome. To be entertained or not to be entertained, that is the question? The word entertain fits, if illusion is not real then we can choose the entertainment of it. When we go to see a movie we are going for the entertainment value of it, we are entertaining the idea/story of someone else’s thoughts, suspending our disbelief for a time, to be entertained.

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