3-5-15 Lesson 64 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Today, I will reflect on our relationship with God and prayer.

I think that so many people feel wounded about a God figure.  Many are triggered by the word God, the description of God, or anything that reminds us of what we have felt so triggered about.  I know I think of God as inside of me.  This helps me to undo any belief that God is the man outside of us in that white beard.  When we see God as within then there’s no way to feel disempowered by the idea that God is ever so powerful but is simply unreachable to all of us because God is “other.”

I also think God is everywhere.  I believe God is everywhere.  This is because God is simply love, so God goes through all things.  The Course says that God is not in the world and any ego things.  I believe this is true.  I believe God exists as a supreme entity with only Holy Presence.  Therefore, God is nothing manifested- as in love and the world- because the world is more dense than God who is only Light.

Thus, I believe that God’s Being exists at an energetic elevation that is beyond the world so by the world’s nature, we wouldn’t see God there.  We have to understand God can’t be in the world because the world is insane.  But while that is, also God can be reflected anywhere.  God so loves us He does not want us to be stranded out in the middle of the crazy world devoid of love and forgiveness.  God can join with us.  And while the world is not the energy of God, God simply fills up everything so God can exist in how we see the world.

I think our relationship with God changes over time.  As we grow into more full and healthy human beings during our lifetime, we have different needs, different hopes and dreams.  We want to develop a relationship with God and a comfort so we are at ease enough to be able to ask for help- be that help with our personalities and support when we are faced with challenges.

Many of us also feel ever so grateful to God for all the love and support that we regularly say a big thank you along the way.  The conversations with God we most want to span all part of our living.  Furthermore, we want to just get practiced at talking to God about everything.  We want this to be our most cherished relationship and continue to make it as healthy and happy for us as possible.

The Course says God does not have an ego so God doesn’t need our praise.  But when we express gratitude the energy is very light and uplifting to heal our hearts, and it is a way to join with God and others because we are offering love as gratitude.  It is also a way to bask in our own love.

We want to know that God fulfills that ideal relationship that a lot of us long for in the world because the quality of love in the world’s relationships often come with lots of demand energy and judgment.  Whereas God’s relationship with us can simply be so ideal that it feeds us when worldly relationships have not.

We can know with a sense of inner peace that our conversations with God and our belief in what God is like is likely to change over time. Since our human life is full of growing, we want to know that God is always there for us to comfort us in every way we may want to be comforted.

Thus, we can take heart that God is always with us.  But after that, I have found that it really works for me to allow there to be much space for change in how I talk with God.  Trust we will be led to some new teacher or teaching that will inspire us to join in and grow into the next step.  Our relationship with God and prayer evolves over time with our minds and hearts and while we’re in time, with our bodies.  Let this be a conversation that is the absolute greatest joy because we know God is merciful and kind and never ever has a moment of letting us down or being critical.


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