Lesson 304

Lesson 304:  “What is the Second Coming?”  “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

This lesson says, “Perception is a mirror, not a fact.” 

This sets everything into perspective.

The world’s view seems to be a solid statement, a matter of fact. 

The world is always reminding us how real it is in our picture of its insanity.  We see sin, sickness and death.  This may be in various forms, but when it comes back to seeing this for what it really is, it always comes down to the same intentions of our inner vacancy in our perception.  The world appears to be thoroughly satiated with the nightmare.  We believe it because we are used to it.

The world encourages us to just numb out the problems we see there, to not get invested in the process of changing it because it always just repeats itself. 

This would be a never-ending undertaking.  We see the same, same old thing.  Like clockwork- it never changes.

The Course says we have the option to change this old attachment we have to pain. 

The Course says that we can make everything a new and untold picture when we just see it for what it is, a picture of God extended in our mind’s projection.

We can change our thinking and give ourselves the satisfaction of our own empowerment in choosing again. 

The ego is so totally frozen in its ability to change and move.  The ego likes to perpetuate its own pain, thus, we never get up to change any outcome that we see before us.  The Course reminds us that our empowerment is the way to get to that place of feeling good.

We just need to be willing to show up and see the world’s vision as one where God resides and not the ego.

The essential thing to remember is that our perception is the key to everything. 

If we show up in the world and we see sin, sickness and death, this is what we will see in whatever forms before us.

We will be living, breathing, proof that this picture is the vision that we have in the world. 

The Course reminds us here that our perception is a mirror. 

That means every last thought we think and our feelings and intentions all show up in the world outside of us.  The Universe gives us scenarios and we have the choice to accept things and be grateful for what we see or we can resist and be angry about what we see.

This, then, results in zero peace of mind when we choose what doesn’t work.

Therefore. we must simply take heart that we actually have so much power. 

We don’t need to feel guilty for this power, for not managing to choose God all the time.  God never asks for us to struggle over this responsibility or aim to be perfect.  We don’t want to suffer over it.

It is the greatest gift.

We just need to get used to having it and taking care of our responsibility to make our mind’s inner sanctuary a place where we thrive and love living. 

Our responsibility simply means that we can at any time get to God when we choose to get to God.  Just remember perception is not a fact.

It  can readily be altered when we bring our willingness to live a happy and functional life in the choosing of God.   The beauty is that we were given our perception so we have this fantastic mirror to simply see ourselves.

When we do this, everything becomes clear because we can truly see our issues and our blocks to Love’s presence. 

This is our way out of our own inner hell because when we see when we are not choosing God, then we can make a quick exit out of the insanity of the ego.


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