ACIM Lesson 305

Lesson 305: “What is the Second Coming? “  “There is a peace Christ bestows on us.”

This lesson says, ”Who uses but Christ’s vision finds a peace so deep and quiet, undisturbable and wholly changeless, that the world contains no counterpart. Comparisons are still before this peace.” 

The world offers peace that is always flimsy at best at producing for us the comfort of steady energy and our beloved equanimity.  The world has a version of peace that is utterly wrong because it never feels good.

The world’s peace is always lacking in the content that makes us feel light and happy. 

Jesus says- there is no comparison.

The world simply stops arguing for its case regarding the validity of comparison in the quality of peace.  

The world’s peace is so far from what we ideally want to have, Christ’s peace.  We learn to realize that Christ’s peace is the answer to all our prayers.  We are gifted with abundance energetically and emotionally and physically when we commit ourselves to choosing Christ’s version of the gift of peace.

We simply learn to know the difference between the world’s peace and Christ’s peace.

Our job is to remember we are worth more than settling for the world’s peace.  

The problem is that we forget.

The difficult part about maintaining a life that is both truly functional and peaceful is that we have to keep choosing it for ourselves because we are worth the effort. 

When we forget to realize this, we all need to take a moment of clearing our minds and just sit with and integrate the importance of our getting our minds to that place where we feel that we are worth the effort of being willing to choose again.

Our lack of willingness is the only real problem when we can’t connect to it. 

Just appreciate that this is a human challenge we have and we all do it.  But at the same time we have compassion for ourselves when we get fixed, we want also to just take deep breaths and pray.

We appeal to the Holy Spirit regarding how to change our minds to that place where we are up for putting out effort to choose again for ourselves, getting to God.  

This is the place we have peace.  

Just keep reminding ourselves that we just need to make it a habit to get on our knees and pray when we get stuck.  But so practiced we get a lovely cushion that we have to support this process of being serene.  We kneel on this cushion because we spend so much time regularly in our surrendering to God when we pray and ask for help.

Let this be like breathing, what we do all day long.   Giving our blocks to God is how we heal. 


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