ACIM Lesson 303

Lesson 303: “What is the Second Coming?”  “The holy Christ is born in me today.”

This lesson says, “Let all God’s holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heaven’s Son is born.” 

We are learning to be in stillness with no resistance. 

Our addiction to noise is one sure way the ego can blot out God’s message.  Noise is whatever we listen to that creates an energy that prevents us from hearing a message that we want to hear.  Noise can be anything, it can be audibly loud or sound soft, but it all can be classified as noise.

Whatever we find disturbing to our peace of mind is noise.  

We are learning to be among the noise and still be able to hear God no matter what it sounds like.  Often we decide that we don’t want to hear noise.

The Course reminds us to simply be clear with ourselves about our intention. 

If we want to do something, then just stand up and do it. 

When we want to hear God, then make space in our minds and hearts and do it- get to God.  We are reminded that noise in the world and noise in our own personal energy and mind may certainly make getting to God much harder.  This is why we want to work on all levels of the problem.
First, we make sure we are certain we can make a firm choice and then do it.

We must make sure we are not hesitating or deliberating a great deal. 

We must get practiced at choosing with a grateful and open mind.  Just understand that we want to choose God without making it an overly strenuous process.

Just make it simple; one choice, one thought, no fiddling around our minds until a later date when we can do it more easily at some other juncture. 

Just be firm and light about this choice.

We also want to make sure our environment is one that supports our being able to get to God immediately.  This, we absolutely can readily change, so let’s make use of this fantastic support in modifying our environment in the process of choosing God.  If we know that when our environment is noisy or off kilter in some way, then make it different.

Just lovingly make the move- change it to one where stillness is the building block of the place that inspires us. 

Don’t feel funny about standing up and really consciously and actively changing what we see around us.

Sometimes we worry about other people’s feelings being hurt if we think they might like what we call noise.

Or we feel guilty when we change it. 

Just totally forgive this about ourselves.  

If we take care of ourselves in creating an environment that makes us be far more successful at choosing God all day long, this is a gift to everyone around.

Know that our own peace spreads to others through our energy.  They will also totally feel this as well.

It is our important task to develop language choices that will feel loving to the person we may be affecting if we want to change what we see as noise in our environment.  Be careful to be respectful and loving toward the person in the situation.

Hold in your heart that there is nothing wrong even when we may want to begin a dialogue about change. 

This energy is what gives us that intention of respect for all involved and will ensure that the delivery of what we share will be far easier for the person absorbing our proposals for change. 


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