Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 46: “God is the Love in which I forgive.”

The Course says the most important thing we can do in the world is forgive.  Forgiveness is the constant that will change our world and prepare the way for us to live in the Atonement with nothing but the energy of God.  We may need to


learn how to forgive. 


We all have parts of us that resist forgiving or being the recipient of forgiveness because we heard erroneously that forgiveness comes at a cost.  Forgiveness gets a very bad wrap in the world’s story.  Forgiveness seems like a terrible price to pay.
The Course teaches us how to open our minds to learn that this old idea of forgiveness was simply a mistake.  We hear that forgiveness is not at a high cost.  Forgiveness comes for free because it is a Godly energy form of healing.  Forgiveness, since it comes from God, is not bound by the laws of the world.  Therefore all the usual emotional baggage that occurs around the act of forgiveness is all simply cast off.  None of that drama remains in God’s world because God teaches us that forgiveness is the way we accept what is happening. We take away our ego’s judgement and we simply take away our ego’s own need to make something look a certain way.

When we do this, our whole attitude and energy shifts because we aren’t sitting in the rigidity of trying to make the world be any way at all.  When we soften our lens and look through God’s eyes, our third eye, we simply come to peace with what we see.  Then we aren’t any longer at battle with whatever is at front of us.  When we don’t forgive we naturally get into attack mode because we are letting the ego be at odds with everything.  This leads to our getting back onto the battleground instead of being willing to end the war.

We are learning in the Course how to forgive.  When we do it with the energy of God behind us, when we do it from simply a place of Love, whether you call that God or other, this is the way to permanently get out of the viewpoint of struggle.  When we bring love behind the forgiveness then everything we are forgiving gets this bright light cast upon it.  The light makes what we forgive have an energy of ease and comfort.  When we forgive, we need to be very certain that love is always at the foundation of this act of forgiving.  When we forget about love, then forgiveness comes from a place of lack and the egos perspective.  When we forget to include God’s perfect Love in the act, then the forgiveness can feel like a strain- like it is a real effort and struggle to do. On the opposite extreme,


forgiveness filled with God’s Love is an act that is so natural

that it flows from our minds instantaneously and fully and effortlessly.  It feels like the best way to spend our day instead of partaking in something that leaves us feeling restricted and tremendously challenged.


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