ACIM Lesson 264

Lesson 264: “What is the Body?”  “I am surrounded by the Love of God.”

This lesson says, “You are in all things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for my own.”

We are asked to participate in a truly extraordinary life.  

When we do things with God, and we let God be our purpose and inspiration with joy and love, then, suddenly, life takes on s shape that is impossible to describe because simple words fail us in the realm of God.

We are asked to know get to know the splendor of God and the degree and extent of the glory in our lives when we give them to God.  There is no way to explain how grand God is.

We are simply asked to let it be a question and allow God to give us an answer. 

The Course reminds us that our lives are meant to spectacular, from our waking breath to long after our drifting off to sleep.

We are meant to be in the realm of elevated and light peace, with joy and love, because this is what God shares with us- in infinite supply. 

We just need to accept it with a grateful heart, but also, with the quiet certainty that God gives us the best because God knows how worthy we are. 

Accepting God’s Love with our certainty in tact allows us to feel complete.

Our lives are meant to be where we expect miracles because they are abundant and easy; we get them and we bring them when we don’t see them.  

We are meant to be the ones who bring the miracle because we can’t wait to express love. 

When we go somewhere that love appears to be lacking, we just smile anyway, at least inwardly, and we show up with God’s answer in the miracle in whatever form that takes.

We bring miracles and we play with a light heart because it is the easiest thing to do. 

We are asked to see that this level of levity is totally meant for us because God says so. 

We play through everything because our hearts are so light they fly.  Then, since we are playing all the time, even our challenges and insane days suddenly become so much easier, because we see that we can meet the hard stuff with a lot of love.

Sometimes we forget to play so especially the crazy, hard times are the best time to do some inner dancing to get some movement within or stop and meditate if we are over busy. 

Find a way to give the moment whatever attention it needs to get us to a higher place.


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