ACIM Lesson 233

Lesson 233: “What is salvation?”  “I give my life to God to guide today.”

In the What is salvation? section it says, “Salvation guarantees that time will have an end as well.” 

We are reminded that salvation is when we remember to adopt God’s mentality and make it our own.

Salvation is then guaranteed to everyone because everyone is equally worthy of being given this gift by God.

There is no way we can not have salvation because it is simply a shift in our thinking. 

When we believe we are worthy of being loved by God then our energy totally changes.  Everything becomes easy because we have an elevated consciousness when we believe we are lovable.

This gives us a light within us that beams out an incredible ray of peace and truth.  We can all have this because God gives us just the memory that we are all valuable beyond belief.  

Everyone finds salvation in the end because the thought energy is contagious.  

When one person realizes this, then that person’s energy shifts and all others follow suit.  Everyone discovers at last that they are all equally worthy of God’s love and favor.  Salvation is when time ends because we no longer need time after this.  We use time now to learn how to get to God.

The Course says even though time is limiting, it can also be used for a higher purpose. 

Thus, we can appreciate it and stand up and make good use of time.  We are learning in the Course that our salvation- which is the memory that we never left the mind of God- is always intact.  God decrees this for us and all others always.

We just have to let the awareness dawn on us that this is the true state of things.

The Course says time will end when people get to the point where enough realize that we are totally lovable and worthy as God’s children. 

We don’t necessarily have to stop the insanity in the world; we may see wars and destruction wholly entrenched in society.

But  this is just part of the illusion.  Nothing that happens in the world matters in the end.  If it means an obliteration of mother nature or a cataclysmic end to the earth, this may or may not end time.  The physical appearance of the world may or may not change.  We are not concerned about this.

The Course teaches us that our own minds are all that matters in the situation of salvation.  We want to shift our minds to remember we are one with God as is everyone else.  This is the way to save ourselves because we get to sit in the union with God and totally benefit from God’s energy.  This is why salvation all comes from our minds.

The ego likes to manipulate and change form, and likes to make the charge that this is what is important to us.  

But the reality is only what we feel makes a difference to the deepest part of us.  

It also says, “God’s Word is given every mind which thinks it has separate thoughts, and will replace these with the Thought of peace.”  I appreciate here the use of the capitalized word “Thought” of peace.

That is referring to God.  When we let God be the single thought we think of then our minds replace ego thinking with a Thought of Peace.  This is helping us to remember that God is simply one Thought.

God is not a whole complicated mess, rather God can be accessed simply in this one Thought. 

Then once we connect with even just a hint of God in this Thought of peace then our whole minds will then be fully immersed in this peace.  We just have to give our minds totally over and know God can give us just the smallest reminder that He is where we find our peace.


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