Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 74: “There is no will but God’s.” 

This lesson says, “The idea itself is wholly true.  Therefore it cannot give rise to illusions.  Without illusions conflict is impossible.”  This inner conflict we feel is the root of so much suffering.  When we have one part of us perceiving one thing and another believing in another, this is surely how we feel divided right down the middle of our minds.

This is a terrible way to try to live when we have one foot in God’s paradise and one foot in the ego’s torture chamber. 

Being divided means we have one level of thinking that we do with God- and one level thinking with the ego.  This is always a disaster because nothing makes sense.  Nothing gets wholly integrated because always some piece of us is rejecting what is coming in.

This means that we get stuck in the extremes in both worlds because there is nothing in the center to balance us.  Every thing is seemingly one way and then the total opposite way.  What a confusing way to try to conduct our lives!  When our hearts are divided we don’t know which direction to face and which direction to make our next step.  It all seems like a blur because we are trying so see with lenses that are all wrong for our own corrective vision.  This always feels dreadful when we can’t decide how to proceed.  It often feels like two steps back and then one step forward and then two steps sideways.

It never works for more than a heartbeat and then we realize this is not a method to move that will have any longevity in our search for the route  to take us to a place that we feel is home.

What is beautiful is that the illusions simply cease to exist in God’s Mind.  This means that nothing unreal has any significant substance.  And significant means anything that can impact us.  Nothing but God’s will exists and so illusions that we in some way are better off in the world of illusory problems and drama is all a mistaken belief.  The Course says illusions don’t exist so everything that is not God has no reality.  That means nothing has any negative impact on who we are and how we live.

This means that we as people- who we are as individuals- can in no way be threatened in the degree of worthiness we truly are.  

This means our minds are whole and healed and perfectly created to live in our lives in the manner God gives us- which is wholly joyful and light and awake.  God simply says that there is no other truth about us.  The ego has a whole spectrum of illusory elements that it holds in our minds and tries to make us lose our way from God’s perfect solution.  We learn here that these illusory components are always wrong.

The world subsists on this idea that scarcity is the basis of our reality.  But this is all wrong.  These illusions mean nothing.  The world says we get wounds that are so severe we can never heal and never forget the thumps we took.  The ego likes to cling with a hefty weight to our attachment to suffering.  This is part of this illusory world.  We end up dancing around this illusory world to try to give it substance.  The ego is just trying to get its claws into our mind to grab hold with a might that will move us from our tethered mind to God’s center of balance.  This are all just moments when we think the illusion has any reality.  We get lost because it feels so real.

Just remember to hold tightly to God as our anchor. 

God is our anchor and God gives us the strength to simply bless the illusory world and give it right back to God’s altar of serenity.  

We give our gifts of insanity there.  God says when we walk through heaven’s gate, with no judgement, we just leave our collective insanity at the door.  There is no price to heaven.  There is no difficulty getting there.  We just have to be willing to thank the illusions that have brought us this far.

Then dance all the way through heaven’s gate because we feel so light when we gently invite our illusions to be gently pried out of our inner center. 

Finally, we allow God to be placed there instead with the most delicate of gestures.  And all is well.


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