Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 73: “I will there be light.”

This is such a happy lesson.  Who doesn’t want to be light??  When we accept lightness we cast out any ideas of our addiction to dark.  Sometimes we don’t know how to do anything else, because the darkness feels so familiar.  Sometimes, we simply get lax in watching how to give our minds to healing through a process of watching.  When we watch we can also catch the spots of darkness which are in fact a void of nothing and are unhelpful.  When our minds see this darkness within sometimes we can do nothing but just keep it how it is for the time being.

At some point, life brings us to new stages and we get another chance to learn how to get right back to the light.

Even if it takes time, we eventually realize or realize again that we can’t bear to live in darkness- it can barely even be considered life. 

Dismal darkness.

It appears to be a dark abyss where nothing can live for long.  It exists in the darkest moments of our hearts when we don’t know there is anything else.  We all have spells when we can do nothing but make the darkness within a deeper ditch.  This stuns us sometimes when we try to face it.   We can be afraid of the getting acquainted with this darkness as it seems like one part of our dream we don’t want to acknowledge.

We can learn to accept these dark predicaments and while we hold some distance from them emotionally because we see them as not real, we can be solaced in the process of taking care of them. 

We accept them while we also know that since they are unreal, they do nothing to give us moments of inner grief.  We hold them as unreal, and we also in our human condition, see them as the challenge that they are.

♥This is the way to make peace with our challenges. 

We want to allow them to be acceptable.  Therefore, we don’t judge them and decide they are not welcome in our minds. 

When we reject these emotional states this just leads to our not feeling comfortable with them as we sit with them for the time to shift them into light.  We are always learning how to allow these feelings of darkness to be real in our experience.  We want to not try to negate them because they teach us something about ourselves.

We listen to the message and then we liberate them from our minds.  The darkness can be God’s way of reaching us so that we can gain a greater awareness of how to deal with some aspect of our lives.  The darkness we want to in no way deny what appears to be in us.  We love it and see how it shares information about what we find within us.

The Course says allow lightness to be the answer to any idea that darkness ever existed.

We learn here how to see both that the darkness has purpose and also simultaneously that only light ever existed. 

We are learning how to see only this incredible levity that gives everyone cause to dance and sing.  We also get to giggle whenever our hearts seem to be immersed in darkness.  The Course says that our hearts are always in light.  We just have moments where we forget.  This is why shifting out of darkness into light is so immediate and simple.

This is the best part ever about doing the Course is that light is always available to shed levity among the masses.  The light of God is always there in our minds- we don’t have to go anywhere to find it.  It already exists within us.  This means that nothing in the world can stop us from shifting into light.  Nothing can keep us from it because it is already within us.  All we have to do is think about it.  This is the greatest gift that our peace and levity are a done deal.  We just need the willingness to choose it and keep choosing it until we are sure we want it more than anything else.  Then our minds are clear, aligned with God, and in fact glowing in God’s light as if nothing dark ever happened.


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