ACIM Lesson 101

Lesson 101: “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.”

The beauty of the Course’s version of God is that God wills for us something that the ego’s version of God never would: happiness. 

When God wills happiness for us, then there is simply no reason whatsoever to argue about this. 

We don’t have to have a moment’s hesitation about whether we want it.  When we sit and think about it for a bit and really tune into our inner desires, we certainly can find the desire for happiness.

That means when God wills this for us, as the most supreme Entity Who is consistent all the time because He is perfect, then He will necessarily apply His will for us to our lives. 

God does this because it is God’s greatest joy to see and experience us in the state of joy.  God makes it crystal clear here that Happiness is meant for us.

The problem, when we think with the ego, is that the ego is endlessly conflicted. 

The ego likes to perpetuate drama and so fuels our involvement in drama. 

But, also, there is part of the ego that hopes against hope for some shred of happiness at some time. 

The problem is that the ego doesn’t really know what the ego wants and this is why it has multiple agendas.

This never works the Course teaches because we need to be aligned within as much as possible to be powerful in the world’s arenas- in which we find ourselves.

The ego is always full of all sorts of plans because the ego is always unclear and by nature is always with a plethora of priorities. 

The Course reminds us that being aligned with God and being aligned within ourselves is the best way to find ourselves in the position of being powerful and effective. 

The Course reminds us that the ego never wants just happiness and doesn’t believe that we would be so fortunate as to be given simply happiness and nothing else to do.

The ego is always coming from a perspective of lack. 

The ego always thinks we are not worthy of being favored and loved by God because this is the essence of the ego’s problems.

They always involve a heightened degree of scarcity. 

We can just appreciate that this happens and then watch for it so we can catch it early.


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