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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lesson 125: “In quiet I receive God’s Word today.”

The Course is teaching us how to come to God with our serenity first and foremost. 

The Course says that our intention means everything.  We are learning to carefully choose our intention because this is the only truly effective way to remember our union with God.

It is our heart’s deepest desire that is demonstrated in our intention. 

Therefore, we then are coming to God with open hands, without ego agenda.  We then bring our willing minds to be available for the communion with God and God energy.  The Course says- pay attention to how we feel and understand that this is an essential layer in the part of the picture of how to do life as we truly want.

We have to be tuned into our intention because it is the beginning element of our alignment for creating a scenario where we join with God because we are wholly aligned and therefore able to take this happy step.  

Our intention means everything.  We are asked to notice when there is a part of us rebelling against God’s way and then not being able to sit in the mental active participation in the joining with God.

The ego gives us all kinds of ways to push against God’s purpose and try to undermine it by cluttering our minds with contrary thoughts.

The Course says that we are responsible for the thoughts we think and we are responsible for this deep consciousness raising about what is going on inside our minds at the deepest level possible.  The intention matters because when we are not aligned- our willingness will not be effectively present in process of choosing our thinking.  The intention matters because it is at the base level from which we build our behavior and feeling.

This responsibility we have in maintaining our intention is a big deal.  We have this awesome opportunity to make life work or totally not work when we lax in our intention focus and choice.   We just have to appreciate that it is a very big deal.  This is the way we get to God.  The Course says that ideally we want to have alignment among our intention, behavior and words, and we want to be aligned with God’s Will totally.  The way we remain focused on God is that we don’t let a moment by where we are not clear that we have made the decision to choose God and nothing else.

The Course cares deeply that we spend all the time and attention possible in noticing how our intention is and realigning it at each juncture in our minds when we see we are off.

The intention allows us to choose God in the most clear way.  The Course says that if we are doing activities like going to church or tithing or doing a particular action- this doesn’t necessarily indicate that we are caring deeply about our joining with God.  It is totally fine if we feel called to behave in that particular manner.

These are just gestures to God unless we fill them with love. 

Then- they are the perfect gift for us to share with our Creator.

The Course says, pay attention to how much ease and enthusiasm we have for joining God.  This is a great indicator of our intention.

We want to be sure we not forget what matters to God in what Jesus teaches us in the Course.  Our energy and our intention is all that matters.

The physical world is a temporary part of our existence and if we want to participate in demonstrating devotion for God there in these forms, this is beautiful in its way.

But we just need to remember, this is not God.  God is the energy that happens totally different than in the physical manifestation.  This is why intention matters so much in Jesus’s teaching here.  How we go about any activity we are involved in where we are demonstrating in our way love for God- is all imperative we be willing to show up to do it with a  heart of love for God and our brothers and sisters.


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