ACIM Lesson 213

Lesson 213: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “All things are lessons God would have me learn. 

The Course says that God has given us the gift of everything being for our best.

That means we can trust implicitly that everything that is happening is for the very best for us. 

The ego says that we are burdened with hard lessons and the ego attacks and gets angry and self righteous because of it. 

We are shown in the Course to take a step back.  Step back and breathe, check it out. 

See the situation again and allow it to be different.  

When we let the ego complain about everything then we have a whole shield of resistance to what is happening in the moment. 

This shield of the ego is seemingly to protect us but the truth is it just blocks the flow to Love’s presence.  The problem with the shield is that then we are not happy about what is happening because we are actively resisting it all.

We hold the standpoint that we are given a terrible reality that we are trying desperately to avoid. 

When we have that resistant attitude, then we don’t sink in and enjoy anything.  Then, we are miserable.  And when we resist the moment, then we don’t allow ourselves the comfort of accepting all that is happening is good.

Then, no part of us wants to be in the present because it seems too difficult in the ego’s perspective.

The Course says that God is our best friend and purposely designs our lives to be the perfect learning environment for us, which means, we can trust that it is all good what we see. 

Even when things happen that totally push our buttons, just keep coming back to that steadiness of having faith in God’s plan. 

Our faith in God’s plan is what allows us to truly stop resisting the moment and then we can sit back and love it all with no hesitation.  It is our gift to ourselves to fuel and foster this faith.


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