ACIM Lesson 307

Lesson 307: “What is the Second Coming?”  “Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.”

Conflict blocks the flow to love’s presence.

Our mind in conflict is not properly aligned. 

When we allow for conflict within then everything outside of us breaks down.

The alignment gives us  organized energy. 

Therefore, we can be active how we see fit with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and be appropriately functional in the world.  The alignment is essential to our ability to take care of business with a easy heart.  When we are conflicted we are never happy.

Conflict interferes with our good health and also with the flow to God’s love. 

This is why we must remember that we must let go of whatever conflict we find within.  The problem is that the world often has what the ego thinks is purpose and we follow the ego’s plan to the letter because we think it will bring us happiness.

But then over time and with trial and error at applying the ego’s logic and plan, we realize we were wrong about looking to the world for peace and joy.

The Course reminds us that God always has a better plan for us because it will always leave us happy and satisfied.

We just need to be willing to choose it for ourselves without struggle. 

The problem is that our egos always resist with ferocity; the ego persuades us that we can find happiness there.

The problem is when we get sucked into selecting the world’s agenda, we end up feeling conflicted because it is definitely not the purpose that deeply calls to us.

The Course reminds us that we all have this depth within us that is a place we call home, God’s home. 

We just have to realize that God gives us the just the right energy to get to Heaven’s door.   God is giving us the keys to the Kingdom.

God loves us and guarantees us our destiny in getting into the gates of Heaven because this is where God intended us to be. 

This is a sure thing because God decrees it.  Therefore, we simply must get to that place of not resisting it.

When we resist it we are in conflict because we are meant to be happy anticipating God’s Will and great fortune.

Thus, we just want to bask in God’s glory and delight in His warm light and love. 

We want to gently set down any pull toward the ego’s plan because it always leaves us lacking.  God gives us the happiest dream we could ever have.

When we set aside our pull to go elsewhere then our conflict disappears.

This is important to make sure we are not in some big or small way resisting the Will of God.


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