ACIM Lesson 74

Lesson 74: There is no Will but God’s.”

This lesson says, “These conflict thoughts are meaningless.” 

This is our way out of hell.  When we are in conflict we feel it deeply, and then, we resonate with feelings that are not aligned with ourselves. 

We get in the Course, God’s “Get out of Jail FREE”- card, so we can stop playing at the game of death and misery. 

God is right there within us, at our right hands, making the nightmare disappear into nothingness. 

What is so cool about God is that God wants the very best for us which can be hard to get used to!  

God can feel like a punishing parent, that we will do anything to get away from. 

We just need to appreciate that God is not like our old, scary stories. 

God is simply our best friend, as well as our most ideal partner, that we have ever had, so we can finally and firmly release all those- outdate- versions of God. 

We need to get with the current program.  

We get to dance the best dances with God, and reinterpret our lives with God’s Purpose. 

We get to enjoy the dances, and be grateful for the miracle of our minds transforming. 

God is there to share in our most cherished of visits together. 

Also, we can sit with Him always with an attitude of certainty and confidence, because we know we are totally lovable in God’s Universe. 

We get to enjoy the party at hand.

God wants us specifically to live and embody and embrace the miracles around us and within us.  God wants us to live full and happy lives, because this is His Will, and thus, He is the most loving Parent ever. 

That’s God’s guaranteed bottom line- to support us to live the best lives ever. 

Therefore, God gave us tools that change entirely our positions when we encounter things that really block our flow to God’s Love, such as our conflict energy and thinking. 

God wants to give us relief from our inner torture.  

God did this because He is crazy about us, end of story.  God knows the extent of the ego’s insanity, so He steps right up and offers us the miracle of meaninglessness. 

When we let things and ideas be meaningless, then nothing has the power any more to distract us or dismay us. 

We get to take that little step in the opposite direction from the suffering at hand, and therefore, it is exactly like putting on a baseball glove when we are playing base ball. 

We get to have this amazing protection and quilting and safety from that harsh blow of the ball. 

Meaninglessness is the perfect solution to simply get off the battleground instantly, because when we allow things to be meaningless, their power to impact us disappears. 

I wish us all some baseball gloves!

We want to luxuriate through the game of life, with soft cushions that allow us to function optimally, within the harsh reality of the world, and go unscathed.

This is God’s Will for us, to simply trust that God will protect us, and then, have perfect faith that we are strong enough to make miracles around us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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