Lesson 83 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lesson 83: Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.” “My happiness and my function are one.”

These lessons are helping us to narrow down the choices.  Our ego says it has a whole host of possibilities about how to function and how to navigate the world.  However, the Course teaches us to take away this infinite number of possibilities.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the endless options.  Keep it simple.  Let our minds not stress about too many options to process.

Just stand up with one intention.  Be focused on the only true purpose we ever had.  Don’t make a  mountain of the molehill.  Keep the illusion in check.  And what the Course teaches us is to not entertain the illusion at all.  Don’t even think about it a little.  Remember that in truth, it simply doesn’t exist so let’s not afford it any time over which to contemplate it.

Let it disappear into the nothingness of our consciousness because it has no reality.  When we simply stay focused on this one thing, then everything else is manageable.  When we see the world through God eyes, through the lens of love, every problem we used to fret excessively about, just gets turned around and dispelled from the inner workings of our minds.

Our function is to remember God is the only option and not try to make this other than it is.  We can sit in peace and calm because this is our way to perfect peace.  Further, this is our way to finally end the energy of attack in our hearts that goes on unimpeded if we don’t stop and realize its all a mistake in thinking.

Also, what we need to keep in sight of our mind is the energy of happiness, laughter and lightness.  Remember that our happiness is the only purpose we have in this life.  Thoroughly enjoy our every moment because this is the way straight to Heaven.  When we add our joy to our love and forgiveness, then we will meet love and forgiveness with a lightness that is extraordinary to experience and to share with the world.  This is the gentle awakening of our hearts when we let joy be our regular way of living.  When our joy has the power to join with love, we feel completely alive.  Joy is also a flavor of the love we feel and share.  When we have them together, we stay within our function to be a propelling power of God.


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