ACIM Lesson 329

Lesson 329: “What is Creation?”  “I have already chosen what You Will.”

The Course invites us to keep it simple. 

The ego is the energy of confusion and complication and additional challenges on top of the last one.

The ego thrives on making everything so difficult.

The good news of the Course says that we have already made the choice to get to God, we just need to remember this when we forget. 

The fact that we have already chosen God means that we are a step closer than when we believe it is not somewhere within us already  and our will to do so.  

When we allow this to be true, then, we are infinitely closer to getting there because it is really a quick, easy step to get to God. 

We just need to take this one step and trust that it is already exactly what we need to get to God.

The ego thrives on complication and tries to make everything infinitely and insanely difficult because this is the essence of the ego.

It, therefore, makes sense that the ego just continues to create itself externally.  The Course reminds us to let everything be simple and straightforward.

When we do, then, all the steps we need to take to get to God becomes a significantly smaller list because we allow it to be. 

The ego is busy making our route to God more complex because this is the ego’s insane dream.  

We just need to realize that this is simply the ego’s path and get out of the way when we see that.  If it is complicated, trust that it is not God.

The Course says that since we never left God in the first place, then getting back to God is totally easy, because it is already so.  We just need to realize in our minds that we are still with God.  This is the most easy and straightforward way we can get to God, this is why it is a Godly path itself.

It gets us to God readily because the simple, easy choice is also of the energetic elevation of God, and therefore, when we embrace this energy, we are already embracing God.

There is always that part of us that is consistently engaged in choosing God.

 That Godly connection we have within ourselves and with God never ceases because God implanted this essence within us way before we came to the earth to be embodied. 

That means that we are one with God’s Will an energy because God wants us to be one with Him. 

This means we don’t have to do anything to make this happen.

We can just sit and play and hang out with God because there is nothing else to do. 

This means that we can relax and enjoy the ride with nothing else to do but be present. 


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