ACIM Lesson 149

Lesson 150: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “I will accept Atonement for myself.”  “Only salvation can be said to cure.”

The Course says there is nothing else to do but accept our atonement.  Atonement means- at-one-ment with God. 

We learn that our atonement- which is the salvation that God gives us from any woe in the world- is simply this one condition emotionally and practically that we need to face what seems to ail us and challenge us.  The Course says that this is the only thing we need to do.  This is the only thing we need to remember.

Everything else is just filler in the world because nothing else makes any difference in the grand scheme of things. 

We just need to practice getting our minds into this reality.

God gives us our every need taken care of in this simple fact.  This means we do not have to scale any mountains or walk on water.  We don’t have to do anything but show up and benefit from it.  The Course says that we don’t even have to sit and give God anything in return for this gift that is beyond measure.  We have no scheduled-payment to give God.

We don’t have to try to return the favor because we think God expects us to come through with some huge statement of thanks.

We never have to do anything to make up for the extent of gratitude for this gift because God has no need for us to give Him anything in return.  

This means we can enjoy experiencing it and we can tune into our minds and see what way the Holy Spirit guides us to respond.  We can simply just know how amazing it is.  And we can sit and love it because it gives us such an out of this world quality of life.  But if we don’t want to do anything, this is totally fine.  Our job is to sit and accept it for ourselves because this accepting is in fact honoring the gift it is.  This is our way to sit and feel that gratitude inwardly even if it is just a little of what makes sense to feel in the moment.   This is the way to just enjoy that God does it for us because He loves us.

That means that our accepting it does give God that wonderful experience of knowing we got it.

We want to realize that our minds can be filled with God and only God no matter what if we do our part to keep choosing Love.  We are learning how to let anything else go from the mind that is other than God.  Then we carry God with us and our benefit of God via our salvation all the time.  We are all challenged by stray thinking that is not God.  This happens because we are not vigilant enough with what is happening.  We need to stop and make the time and space to see what is happening in our minds.

Sometime we have certain tendencies about the nature of who we are.  Some of us can have real challenges in keeping a clear mind.

That is why we just keep surrendering our will. 

When we can’t scale up our vigilance it can be because we are not yet practiced in watching all the time. 

This is why we want to surrender our will.  When we get on our knees and pray then we can give our will to God’s altar and ask for the mighty hand of God Himself to heal this aspect of our minds.  We may resist against the process of watching because that is something we have yet to get used to.  Just keep giving God our will until we get more comfortable being disciplined internally.

Discipline happens if we just keep trying and we let God show us a will that is beyond our current extent. 


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