ACIM- Lesson 151

Lesson 151: “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.”

This lesson says, “No one can judge on partial evidence.”  The ego is quick to judge everything because it likes to have us bound up in attack throughs of criticism.  But the Course reminds us to step aside from the total faith in what the ego tries to convince us.

The Course says- leave some space in our minds for doubt that the ego knows how to perceive or judge anything. 

The ego is always in error because it has partial bits of information.  Only God knows the broad scheme of how things are meant to be.  That is why God is the only one to make any kind of evaluation about what we see.

We need to keep allowing for that opening in our minds where we allow the question to arise about whether we may be wrong.  

The ego’s big fantasy and addiction is always being right. 

That is why the ego does all kinds of things to simply stay in the limelight in our minds where we can’t see beyond the shadow there.  The ego goes to an extensive degree to maintain this facade of perfection and whatever outward show that it is always in the right.  That is why we must take time and effort to realize the ego is completely off base most of the time.  Our job is to doubt the ego.  That doubt is exactly what we need to let the God energy in, when we make just a little room for God to come in and correct any errors of our ego selves.

The doubt is always the curiosity of our minds to see if it makes sense to open up to something different.

This doubt is our saving grace because it allows us just the wedge we need with the ego to temporarily get it out of the way so we can check out what we truly want- and then connect with God instead.

This lesson says, “Yet you may learn to doubt their evidence will clear the way to recognize yourself, and let the Voice for God alone be Judge of what is worthy of your own belief.”  The evidence the ego shows us directs us to vacate emotionally from a place of identifying ourselves with the ego.  The ego shows us a reflection of the world, which the Course says is not real.  The ego never gets to a place that helps us uncover any parts of ourselves that may want to come up for healing when we are yearning to remember that we are totally lovable.

The world never gets us to that fresh moment of the now where we can unlock parts of our minds that have been in error because we never do that in the world. 

We only do that with God’s love and guidance.

This is why we must make a clear choice to get out of the identification that our ego makes with the world.

This is always a mistaken perception and the only way to get out of that crazy emotional ride of being in the world is to realize it is a place where we just got lost for a moment.  The best way to get back out from the insanity there is simply get to this holy moment of knowing ourselves in the Godly way.  The Course says that our own belief reminds us of who we are.  And the beliefs we have we can evaluate whether they are worthy or not of our minds.  This is the way to make our thinking totally holy, where we think only loving thoughts that reflect God.

Our minds are so esteemed and must be treated as the utmost most holy place because they are the vehicles of God. 

This is why we have to realize that it is not just that it is keen to have God in our minds because we are fond of this philosophy or we hear that God is giving us the good stuff so we should show up and join with God.  The Course reminds us that this is all well and good but in reality, the issue is that no other thoughts but God’s thoughts are worthy of our minds because we are so esteemed in the Universe.

This is why we must honor this inherent purity about us and match this simply with God’s thinking- only the thoughts that match the resonance of God’s thoughts.  

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    Great Reflection Laurie,
    What struck me today in the lesson is this:
    Paragraph 9
    Sentence 6-7
    I find myself judging the world, wasting lots of time, as if my pondering the world’s macro problems: Politics, Economies and War, could have any impact, they tend to only certify and promote the illusion. I’ve come to the realization that each of my thoughts should manifest with enough doubt so there is room for correction. That each thought is more of a rough draft, and should deal more with what is happen to me in the world.

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