ACIM Lesson 317

Lesson 317: “What is the Last Judgment?”  “I follow in the way appointed me.”

This lesson says, “I have a special place to fill; a role for me alone.” 

The Course  says often that the idea that anyone is ‘special’ or has some special role to fill is an illusion. 

The ego tends to cling to the idea and be attached to the notion that we are special.

The ego loves to feel grandiose and arrogant.

The ego likes to believe that we are better than anyone else.  The ego always has that underlying desire to look like the best externally at least.

The Course emphasizes that no one is better than anyone else, and that we are all equally lovable within ourselves and in relationships with God and relationships with others.  

We all fare the same in God’s eyes and this is why the Course reminds us that we are all made from the exact same energetic essence- which is of God. 

This is what makes us all equal.

Thus, that ego insane drive to prove we are best is just the ego being out of balance as usual. 

This is why the Course says at length that no one is special or plays any more special role than anyone else. 

This is the truth fundamentally, and therefore, we are asked to embrace this deeply. 

We walk around in our lives and we hold this as truth in each move we make.

This awareness allows us to be balanced in whatever role we play.

The Course says that we all play our own unique role, and it is, therefore, special to us. 

We want to just realize that we are all created uniquely for something that we feel drawn to do while we are in our human lives. 

We are asked to understand that it is actually wonderful for us to know that we are unique and special- in that we have that one contribution to the human experience- that only each and every one of us can bring. 

This is what makes us remarkable and we can embrace this and shine in it and bring to the world to share.

We offer this with a heart of gratitude for the splendor of the gift we bring and also our certainty that we are gifted in the ways we are.  

There is nothing at all wrong with enjoying this part of our lives.

We just need to carry it all in balance while we live as humans.

Holding balance in this way can be difficult and this is why the Course makes such effort to get us to remember first and foremost that we are all equally worthy- before anything else- so that we stay grounded in the light of God’s Will.

 Then, we can share our gifts from a place of openness and kindness and abundance, not a space of arrogance where we push everyone away.


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