ACIM Lesson 318

Lesson 318: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “In me is salvation’s means and end are one.”

This lesson says, “I am salvation’s means and end as well.” 

We are told straight from the words of Jesus here that we are innocent and perfect in the way that God originally created us. 

We are ultra worthy because God says so, and therefore, our salvation is always intact.  This one simple truth is all we need to know to get to our perfect peace.

Our salvation is not getting into Heaven in some distant future or maybe not coming back for more lifetimes filled with learning, when God says that we don’t need to repeat the human experience again.

We learn from God that our worths are constant and completely certain, and therefore, we can rely on feeling it and exuding it and knowing this as soon as we get the hang of accepting it- because it is always true. 

Our accepting this is the only thing we truly need to do, because God has taken care of defining us and telling us exactly how we are. 

Since God is perfect we can have complete faith that He is never wrong about this sort of thing.

We just need o appreciate that salvation is always with us because God declares all the time that we are worthy of the experience of being in the eternal state of Heaven.

Because God thinks we are worthy, in order to get to that state of Heaven, all we need to do is simply accept that God places within each of us the simple path to our salvation.

God places our salvation where we can get to it now, and at any moment we choose in the future if we want to remember our salvation. 

Salvation is God’s gift to us because it is the knowing that nothing we ever did was wrong, and that we are in any way guilty for the old painful habits we used to make real for ourselves.

Our salvation is our direct path to lightness and peace and that feeling that we are totally lovable.


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