ACIM Lesson 217 Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 217: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “It can be but my gratitude I earn.’

Inner peace is an inside job.

The Course instructs us to be the champion of our own peace. 

We do this with God and no other way.

The world may allure the ego in a massive way, but this is all fleeting and truly trivial when we get right down to it. 

We can do this journey of getting to a peaceful mind and heart from simply our own commitment to choose the life we want.  We choose our thoughts.  We make the world exactly what it is because the world out there is simply a stream of thoughts, our thought projection.

This means we absolutely can heal the world anytime we feel called to do so.  We go to our minds first and foremost.

We can appreciate the other worldly draws that may urge us to take notice. 

We have all of the answers within us in the picture of God there. 

The Course teaches that this actually results in our being quite empowered.  We have the option of choosing something else if we so desire.  This is a huge invitation.  We can make peace once and for all within our minds if we take the time to allow ourselves to have this wonderful and enormous responsibility.  It is a responsibility because it is our life that is under threat.

It is our lives for which we have this momentous task of choosing to create a wonderful quality or we can live a dark and dreary existence.  

We are the primary instruments in the creation of our reality.

We can feel humble to have such a responsibility but the Course teaches us not to feel anxious about making errors along the way.  If we fail to do something we feel drawn to do, we just need to trust that God is always with a plan intact.  And if God doesn’t want us to do something and we don’t get to do it, then we can trust that this was His Will.

We show up and do the best we can but we don’t ever have to feel guilty for moments of forgetting to express love or to see forgiveness as our constant friend and inspiration. 

If we mess up this is just a matter of letting God undo whatever error occurred.  There is nothing but understanding from God because God gives us the gift of unconditional love.

We can’t fall from this place in God’s heart. 

It is most important that we bring our certainty that we are lovable when we propose to choose what kind of life we want to have.

Our only task is to be grateful for the gifts of God’s Kingdom.  We get to to do this happy task because God gives us the only thing that is consistently helpful.  We must carry our gratitude with us always.  This gratitude leaves us in a state of having real contentment.   Gratitude feeds and heals us.  Gratitude is that inner knowing that all that God plans for us is perfect as it is.  This is our way to nourish ourselves.

Gratitude transforms us to feel light.  It is filled with this buoyant, soaring love and we are levitated when we feel this.  Our task is to remember that living in gratitude is the way we actively live in peace.  

We want gratitude to subsist as our constant approach to our regular routine. 

Let gratitude be the only thing we wear as much as we possibly can.  Leave everything else out for a day.  We can even just try the experiment of feeling gratitude consistently for a single day.  Just try this out and see how it feels.  Allow our minds to be ready to make whatever effort to connect with our gratitude.  If we get stuck, just come again and pray for help and then just be clearly willing to make gratitude the only real feeling we bring to each breath in our day.

Practice will bring us to that memory that gratitude is easy because we have no struggle when we invite God into our minds. 


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