ACIM Lesson 218

Lesson 218: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “Only my condemnation injures me.”

This lesson says, “My condemnation keeps my vision dark, and through my sightless eyes I cannot see the vision of my glory.”  

The Course teaches that our attack thoughts remove us from the flow of love.

The energy of attack is totally contrary to Love or to God and this is why we are absolutely implored by Jesus here not to let a moment pass that we leave attack thoughts unattended in our minds. 

We are meant to see them for what they are and then clearly discard them.  We release them to God’s altar to be removed from our minds.  The Course says our only task is to stay vigilant about catching our attack thoughts.

We just need to look within and get in touch with what we truly want.

Often, we have a lapse in time during which we can’t seem to access internally what we truly want. 

The ego makes all kinds of exasperating obstacles blocking the way of our realizing what we really want.

It can be an extensive need to devote time as well as prolonged effort we must put toward our process of becoming self aware. 

This is the means to eventually get to peace of mind when we first get clear and honest about what we want.  Then all we have to do is just stay vigilant in the task of choosing peace, and we do it.  It is a relatively easy process once we have become aware of what we want because it is just the legwork which we also are asked to do totally with God.

The Course reminds us that our vision is obscured by these attack thoughts.  Attack thoughts are foul and horrendous.  They cast a shadow over our transparent mind and generate gloom.

We are asked rather, to keep them at bay and learn to discard them as immediately as possible. 

The darkness clouds our vision because the energy prevents the proper flow.  This lesson says- I cannot see the vision of my glory.  The problem is that we forget we are lovable.  When we let the darkness of condemnation mask our light and our clear mind. This darkness hides my glory from me.

The Course is not trying to fill our inner chamber of positives completely in effort to make us feel more substantial in the world’s picture of us.  The Course reminds us that we are the ones who can’t see our own vision of our own glory.

It is lovely when the world sees our glory in some respects because it is healthy to be acknowledged in the wonders of who we are in the world’s story. 

However, we want to not rely on the world’s interpretation of who we are to feel good about ourselves.

The Course reminds us here that it doesn’t matter if we look good to the world and the inhabitants there.  It matters that we connect with our own sense of God’s glory which is inherent in who we are.

When we listen to God’s definition of how worthy we are- of feeling God’s glory- then we get to a place of feeling solid in our certainty. 

When we realize we are worthy of God’s glory then we feel good inwardly.  We feel good because we are reminded that we are united energetically with God’s certainty- which is our right as His children.  Seeing our own glory is what actually makes us feel content and peaceful inside.

When we have a rock solid, and elevated perspective of who we are, then we need to rely on nothing else to give us lightness and joy. 

It matters when we get good at connecting with our glory for ourselves because this is the way to give all of us feelings of good will toward ourselves and high self esteem.  This allows us to remember we are lovable exactly as we are and be peaceful.


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