ACIM Lesson 319

Lesson 319: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “I came for the salvation of the world.”

This sentence sounds like a complete ego arrogance trip.

The ego appears to be lost in that innate grandiosity of the ego, and proclaiming that we can do something so grand as to save the world.

Here, the ego is so certain- to say this is the reason we came to the world.  The ego goes haywire with this statement, because in egos’ perspective, it surely appears to be out-of-control-arrogant to say that we can do something so grand such as saving the world.

Usually we simply let God or Jesus or someone holy to do this immense gesture. 

The ego is surely insane in this iteration.

The Course reminds us that everyone is ultra worthy. 

We are all as worthy as God and Jesus. 

We may not have the experience as our older brother, Jesus, has or be perfect in the same way as God, but the Course invites us to not belittle ourselves when compared to God. 

We are actually of the same essence as God, and therefore, we are equally as worthy and we are ultra powerful because we are made of God’s energy.

We are asked to not put Jesus and God above us.  When we do we separate ourselves from them in energy and spirit.  

When we make God above us on a totem pole, we are doing this in error because God wants us to embrace and embody that we are as worthy as God.  This is why we want to not forget this truth that the ego tries to deny with ferocity.

The Course reminds us that we are totally liberated in the knowing that we are as good as God.  We are asked to take this in with a very humble heart. 

We know that we are as worthy, so we don’t doubt our certainty or our power to change the world. 

When we make God above us, then, we can hear the news only from an ego perspective that we have come to save the world- making this an arrogant statement.

Therefore, we want to just hold this truth- that we are as worthy as God of being powerful, and having a powerful presence that can save the world.

Our knowledge that we are equally worthy as anyone else is the basis of our certainty. 

And, this certainty allows us to heal the world in big or small ways from our simple awareness that we are as worthy as God. 

We must remember our worthiness with humility, but also with the awareness of the sheer perfection of the statement about our position in this role.  

We simply need to remember it is God’s Will that we came here to save the world in the shared awareness of our perfection and worthiness.

God brought us here to simply heal that old grandiose ego fantasy that our sharing God’s gifts with others is simply any other than our gift to all. 

We must bring that salvation idea with an intention of God’s inclusiveness and sharing with all.


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