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Lesson 59: Review: “God goes with me wherever I go.  God is my strength. Vision is His gift.”  “God is my Source.  I cannot see apart from Him.”  “God is the light in which I see.”  God is the mind in which I think.”  

I actually wrote out Lesson 60 and mailed it yesterday and did not yet do Lesson 59.  So I will do lesson 59 today instead.  Fortunately there is so much overlap in the content of these lessons, it will all work out fabulously because it all says the same thing.  It says the same thing with just a slight variance in the manner of saying it.

The Course says that we are always doing a great job.  Even when we make mistakes our charge is to feel confident- what the Course calls certain- as this is the simple memory that we are all equally worthy of being loved and we are all equally worthy of all kinds of abundance in our human existence.  One of the most important points of the Course is to always forgive ourselves.  If we forget to do something, even if it is very important, we are still asked to return to that  feeling of forgiveness.

We let ourselves off the hook because nothing bad ever happened in the first place.  

To forgive ourselves for what we believe are shortcomings is one of the most basic tenets of the Course.  We are learning to sit in non-judgement of anything and everything.  We are learning what it means to forgive. Then we are thoroughly trained to do this and do it completely until we get the true sense of what this means and how this feels.

The Course says that we simply have made mistakes in that we thought we were separate from God.  Any other worldly mistakes carry no sense of impact and injury to our minds because we see the world as unreal; we just allow our minds to see it as not inflicting any wounds.  We learn in the Course that all the worldly faux pas are simply errors and have to effect on our minds because it doesn’t change the truth of who we are.  Then the Course says that the worldly problems are unreal so the only problem we could think we have is being separate from God.  But then God reminds us that that never happened.  The Course teaches that the way to go unscathed in the world is to simply hold steadfastly that the world is unreal and therefore can not inflict pain.

God deems us as worthy always and takes care of our every need because God decides that we are all worthy.  This is the way we learn to forgive ourselves because we realize that God says no mistake can affect the worthiness of who we are.  Therefore, we can just sit in the joy of an easy life because we have God in front of us and all around us and within us.  God decided that it be so and that

we deserve the best of the best.  Therefore, it is ours. 

All we have to do is remember to remind ourselves that we never had a moment of not being worthy of giving ourselves our own forgiveness.  This means that all we have to do is let God be our guide through the insane moments of disbelief and our insane moments of believing in the illusion is real.

When we forget the truth of who we are, as God’s most beloved children, all we have to do is get our minds back to the reality that we actually want to live. It is that God so loves us so much that He provides for us in every way- in all ways a parent would want to help or influence His own child.  This means that we are given eyes of God and all we have to do is realize that God would never leave us for a moment.  And we are given His vision as our own because this is the way to perceive in the world correctly.

We will be able to see that all situations are a call for love or they are love itself because we will simply see with a true perception.  We will see none other than the expression of Love because when we remember that God is always the master behind the plan of what we see then we won’t suffer in judgement.  We will remember that there is never anything wrong because God planned it that way.   God gifts us with this precious gift of seeing correctly.  Then we can stop suffering over what we see as we will be responding to those God-given visions as just a way to meet our peace through the correct inner landscape.


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