ACIM Lesson 194

Lesson 194: “I place the future in the Hands of God.”

The Course teaches that the future is not real.

We are learning how to be in the present.

Our sole purpose is to feel the exuberance about the incredible present.  

We are learning to let go of both the past and the future because they have always some degree of story about them.  We always get upset about them or judge them or feel anxious about them.  This emotional roller coaster takes us out of the present and makes us stuck in repeating either the past or the future instead.  When we are distressed emotionally we are not feeling the peace and calm and certainty of God.

We must let them go because they are what the Course says is unreal.

We ideally believe that they don’t exist and to the degree that we understand they are non-existent, this allows us to truly and adequately let go of the past and future.  

Thus, we don’t sit in judgement about them and be distracted from what is happening in the moment.  The Course ask us to let these go so we don’t let our egos run wild with criticism about them.  Viewing them as unreal is a helpful semantic device.

It gets us out of that belief that they have some validity because we realize that they have no gravity to touch us in any way.

The Course says that we want to see the future as unreal so we don’t get attached to it.  Our task is to allow our hold over the future to be undone.  We want our minds to appreciate that the concept of the future is something that allows us converse about it in the world.  We need to be able to discuss this with others sometimes because it is an important part of living.

The Course says we want to understand that we must make our link to the future a light one. 

We allow the future to be something we are managing in our lives, but not something about which we will be perturbed.

Jesus says that- with purpose- we are learning to exist in the world with a heart free for giving our lives and our future to God.  We want to cease planning because this is the way the ego gets to thrust itself into the limelight in our minds.

Know the ego likes to amass a story about everything and ventures to control everything that happens in the story.  

Jesus gives us the encouragement here not to suppress our willingness to give our future to God.

We want to be in the present, moment by moment, and theoretically the future would never come if we just keep being in the moment.  

But while we live in human form, we must appreciate that sometimes we must work on creating a future in the material sense for ourselves.

We want to forgive this- that we have no other choice but to do it. 

Our task is to be clear in our decision that we give the future to God’s purpose as much as we can.

We stop making the ego the decision maker.  We trust that God makes the ultimate plan.  If God has a different agenda about the future, we let God do His thing.  Also, we bring our hearts and souls to God for safekeeping and offer Him these via our willing hearts.

The Course says that time is unreal.  We must allow our minds to know this with a certain and humble heart. We want to surrender any push toward control and nitpicking about what we see so that we don’t hold grievances about the variety of possibilities in the future.  We let God show us how to progress as we are meant to with a grateful heart.

We know God has every potential fully actuated for our abundance in His intention for co-creating our lives with us. 

Then we will be peaceful because we forgive all we see and make peace with God’s possibility.


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