1-3-15 Lesson 3 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lesson 3: “I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place.”

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to purge our minds.  We know nothing because it’s all our own individual perspective.  Life is always in cycles which we can honor and respect and be present with the life changes that cycles bring.

We can enjoy the beginning of a cycle and maybe struggle a little with the strangeness of something new.  We can enjoy the shift into total joy from the middle of our cycle because we found our way to fruition within that time frame of the cycle.  Then we can feel a twinge of sadness when the cycle ends because sometimes we want it not to return to an new one again.  We have to know that cycles are the way we blossom in life.  Life’s cycles give us time and opportunity to grow and expand into a person who holds great abundance within because this is our natural state.

Let’s allow the cycle to start again.  Let’s make resolutions and plans if that feels authentic.  We sometimes want to evolve in our worldly sense and create an even more powerful mind-body-spirit within this human form.  We have to do this with love and know that we can make plans but with non-attachment.  The Course tells us not to make plans.  The Course teaches us to rely solely on Holy Spirit’s guidance to show us what to do and say in each part of every day.  Jesus teaches us here not to get obsessed with worldly goals because in essence they simply distract us from our true purpose- to remember that we are none other than God’s beloved children, perfect as we are.

Sometimes people get stuck when they aren’t in the habit of thinking in the way the Course teaches.  It’s so different from what we learned in the world.  With something like goals in the world, the world would say, “Push to extremes to make goals come true.  Don’t rest or relax until it’s accomplished.  Do it with determination and don’t make time to love along the way.”  The world says- the goal’s consequence is far more major than how we do it during the process.

We are asked to realize that the Course is teaching us that our purpose can’t be split into any form of part for God, part for the ego.  We have to make sure we don’t get lost in trying to meet the demands of the world in any way.  God wants us to be whole and to approach something like goals with a whole, complete and gentle approach.

What the Course asks us to do is ENTIRELY focus on God’s purpose.  Stay connected to the necessity of making God the ONLY goal.  WHILE we hold this- that God is our only purpose, we simultaneously can hold thoughts of our goals for the upcoming year.  If we don’t think these two things simultaneously we will be lost.  That’s what makes the Course unique and effective because it teaches us how to live in the world with God as our entire focus WHILE we make worldly goals as well.  Then we never move from our connection with God.  We make goals for the year with God because we are never separated from our Creator.


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