1-2-15 Lesson 2 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, January 2, 2015

Lesson 2: “I have given everything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) all the meaning it has for me.”

This is where we start to realize that we are the factors that make the perception of what we see into what we believe is there.  I decide with my own seeing lens of reality what I determine and it is then expressed externally.  I interpret the input from the world.  This is a powerful position because I am sole creator of what I see.  We make the difference in making what we choose to reflect out into the world.  This is the Course’s beginning of helping us to realize our role is most significant with God’s in what gets created in the world.

Our task is to release our attachment to what we have defined as the world.  The ego judges fiercely all we see and gives it all meaning.  We need to stand back and realize it is we who have this incredible power to make what we see.  This is where our power lies, because through this choosing of a different perception we can make a now into what ends up in being peace instead of our egos’ tired struggle.

This lesson spends a whole paragraph reminding us that we don’t want to exclude anything in the practice period or emphasize anything too much.  We are learning how to treat everything the same, so we learn not to make one thing better or worse.  The Course ultimately will teach us how to love everything equally.  We won’t then find ourselves avoiding loving certain things and favoring others.  Ultimately the Course teaches us how to love without the sense of what it calls ‘specialness.’  This ‘special love’ is when we try to love people from the perspective of the ego’s love, which incorporates lots of limits and judgements and conditions.

The Course teaches us how to love fully- not in a ‘special love’ capacity. Then, ultimately this ability to love well will be the final outcome of these lessons we learn individually in the span of this year.  The Course also teaches us how to engage with all we see without attachment and judgement, and also to realize we can undo our previous habit of engaging in the world in this way.

Let’s know this lesson is the beginning of a process that will ultimately bring us lasting peace and capacity to love far beyond what we know from the ego’s eye.


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