Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 95: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.”

The Course teaches us to identify with our Creator, God.  We learn that we are all as humans part of a collective whole, that is a union also with our Creator.  We all are combined energetically with each other.

We don’t have to be physically attached or even physically present with each other to make this collective whole. 

We learn from the Course that energy is the substance of the Universe and then thought creates energy.  We hear that anything that appears to be physical is simply energy moving at a speed that appears to our eyes as a solid.  This means that all worldly things are in essence energy.

This gives a fresh perspective because now how we relate to our experience with other people totally changes if we simply hold this knowledge in our minds.  We are just getting that glimpse into a quantum physics reality where we see the solid matter of the world as rather glimmering particles that move because they are energy.  This means we just can start to appreciate the fact that we are combined with other people even if we never meet them.  We just need to grasp this sometimes far out concept that everything is unified because we are all energy and the Universe is energy.

Therefore, our connection to other people  via energy always exists because this is the nature of the way the Universe works. 

This means we can stop railing against this truth that we are energetically connected.   Often if feels so far fetched; sometimes we just reject it in the most basic way internally because it seems hard to believe.

The Course wants to in no way over complicate how we are trying to understand the workings of the Universe.  The Course simply wants us to wake up and appreciate that our old ideas of energy and the nature of matter in the world just is a bit outdated.  We don’t need to make the transition into a new way of perceiving the world and matter a weighty task.  We don’t have to struggle in this effort if it seems like a stretch.

Jesus says that we all affect each other because we are all connected through our energy states all the time.  We are learning here that this idea of our union with all others is not a wishy-washy, new-age idea that makes sense only to a certain crowd.

We are learning from the most hard-fact-oriented scientists in physics that this is actually true. 

This means that in the world’s standards, this is a tried and true fact.

We often just don’t hear as much about it because it is a more recently developed understanding.  That’s why people are still not in the habit of thinking about it or talking about it.  That’s why we don’t learn about it in school mostly.  We can forgive the world for the slow progression of this information to be introduced to the masses here.  But take time to make this a truth within our own minds because that is the way to get it to become a familiar concept to each of us.

The Course teaches us that we are one with our brothers and sisters and that we are one energetic unit with our brothers and sisters.  This is why the Course talks about our own selves being one Self, with the capital “S”.  We are part of a unit of energetic extensions that includes all of us.  This Capital S reminds us always that we are connected to God in that part of our own minds we consider the “Self”.

The Self is when we understand that we are all graced with the gift of being God’s favorite energy. 

We are all given that gift and also this capital “S” means that we are part of God’s energy completely.  God says we people are all His favorite energy because God has no favorites.

This means that we all get to be equally loved by God.

Therefore, there is never competition among people to possibly vie for God’s favor. 

We don’t have to worry that someone else will get in line before us to get to God when we all come together and join in the one Self.

We don’t have to fear our energetic selves will be annihilated in joining with others because God takes perfect care that we are all maintained and nurtured all to the greatest extend possible.

We are simultaneously held by God in the one Self, where we are all joined and we are also the unique drops of water that we all developed as the flavor of our unique personality so we add our flair to the infinite ocean of God’s Essence.


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