2-15-15 Lesson 46 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lesson 46: “God is the Love in which I forgive.”

We are retaught the meaning of forgiveness in the Course.  A lot of us first learned the harshness of the world’s forgiveness.  When the world forgives, often we still keep a lingering feeling of anger and resentment and a memory of the perceived fault of whoever we think wronged us.  This is part of the magic of the Course because it teaches us how to forgive with a sense of love.

When the ego forgives usually there are conditions and complaints and blame and a permanent record of the deed.  We learn in the Course that we must necessarily forgive first with a feeling of love.  When we include love, then the judgment and the attachment to the suffering we feel on the end of the fault ceases to be.  When we allow love to harmoniously accompany the forgiveness, the forgiveness becomes an actual gift with only love within the forgiveness.  We don’t hold anyone hostage for having the fault.  We stop making ourselves the victim and stop perpetuating the attack through seeing it as real.

We can have an entirely new experience in life when we let love be in the essence of all gifts of forgiveness because we stop the emotional roller coaster in our own hearts.  We stop making a problem because the love in forgiveness puts us in a holy mind space where we are aligning with the energy of God. Therefore, we automatically find peace in our minds and hearts when we are facing any wrongdoers.

Love is what makes forgiveness the ideal that Jesus teaches us in the Course.  It is actually possible and it is the way to be happy.  We simply need to be willing to forgive with an open heart.  Forgive with love because it is the way to join with the situation that feels wrong to us.  When we join with it, we stop resisting it because we are forgiving it with a mind of the truest and only successful intention.

And when the Course teaches about how to forgive, also it necessarily includes the idea that whatever we need to forgive is most definitely not real.  When we feel like someone or something needs forgiveness usually the ego is quick to keep score and make an enemy out of anyone that doesn’t match up to what is expected.  What the Course teaches us is to simply see this thing as unreal.  When we do this we entirely remove our feelings of being wounded.

We can stop playing victim because we stop making the problem that happened into an even bigger problem in the process of forgiving.  This is why seeing it as unreal is essential to total forgiveness.  This is the way to not keep the suffering over what happened in our realities.  We let it go because we let our minds know that its unreality takes away any sense of ongoing pain from it.

This is the way to forgive with God’s love.  This is the way to permanently withdraw all attachment to our resentment.  It simply ceases to exist.
We can tread this real/unreal line delicately.  We are asked to do the ideal and make all in the world unreal so nothing seems to hurt us.  And we can see it as real simultaneously while we are in the world and want to authentically feel our feelings.  When we get the hang of this, it is just so extraordinary to live with this emotional consciousness.


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