Miracles Lesson 182

Miracles Lesson 182: I will be still a moment and go home.

This lesson explains this sentence, “Others will deny they are sad and not recognize their tears at all. Yet who in perfect honesty without defensiveness and self-deception would deny he understands the words we speak.”

 The Course constantly explains that we need to go home to a better place than the world. God offers us Heaven, which is sublimely happy and serene and makes us smile and giggle.

We can play and laugh because we are in the place we are supposed to be. God, in the Course, reminds us that we are in Heaven now. We forgot we were already there.

So our job is to remember there is nothing to do except get to God in Heaven by choosing God. As long as we know where we want to go to get to Heaven and God, then we get to experience Heaven, so this is worth doing.

The Course reminds us not to overlook that we are not happy now in the world and with our egos running our lives, so we need to realize this and act on reminding ourselves that with a simple change of direction, all of our difficulties are gone.

The Course says that getting to God and Heaven is simple when we are eager to choose for this to be so in our lives. So many times, our egos are running our shows, and they cause us to deny that there is a problem in the world; therefore, we delay making a change to choose Heaven and God instead.

The Course reminds us to be active in our lives and ensure we remember we must participate and select. When we allow ourselves to see how much we suffer in the world, we will be willing to get out of the way and stop causing a problem.  

 Heaven is where we can get to God, so it is something that the Course explains that we can choose Heaven on earth if we want to have Heaven now in the world.

When we bring Love, forgiveness, and miracles in the form of God’s Love to every experience of dismay and calls for Love in the world, then we end up with God’s Heaven on earth, so this is worth doing.

We do not have to wait until we die to get to Heaven, so this is exciting!! The world will become easy, happy, light, and full of Love when we bring Love to the world so let us get right this and participate so we can accomplish being In Heaven now!

All Love,


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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