2-5-15 Lesson 36 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lesson 36: “My holiness envelops everything I see.”

I love the use of the word “envelop.”  When I see an envelope, it is completely embracing what it covers.  Enveloping things has a great feel of sweetness to me and like a warm, loving hug.  This is the energy we are learning in the Course is God’s love.  God’s love is the ideal experience of the greatest feeling of love we can ever imagine.  We are all gifted with this love because God loves all of us without fail.

We are learning that this love of God is not only ours always but it is the most blessed present we could ask for.  Our job is to know that this is wonderful because then we won’t settle for less- what the ego has to offer.  We can stay firm in our resolve to get the most perfect love from God and extend it to others because it is our right.  Also we can extend this love to all we see because everything is influenced energetically by the energy of love and profoundly shaped into the happy dream of our world.

The first thing we want to do is know God’s love is the perfect truth and only truth.  Then  we recognize this is our own essence in fact, as it is God’s because we are God’s children.  Then, we can realize how perfect is the love within us and around us as a result of our staying in rhythm with the energy of God- this penetrates us and fills us entirely.  We can let this love be the Source through which we live in the world.

The Course says our lives can be a “happy dream” or a “nightmare” depending on whether we let our life’s focus be on forgiveness and extending love or we an let our lives be a reflection of insanity and irritation and judgement.  This then creates our reality.  Therefore, if we want to live a “happy dream” (if we are here anyway, we might as well make the best of it), then we can live in the constant mindset of love.  And with a heart of love, we will automatically extend love to whatever is around us.

We are living with the intention of creating the happy dream so we live constantly in love with everything.  Our love and our open intention of wanting to join authentically with what we see allows us to have a holy relationship with what we see.  Our holiness is our birthright which is also our commitment to love wholeheartedly.  Our holiness is also I think our capacity to love and the fact that we are always lovable.

This feeling we have within our holiness can be transmitted to all we see and envelop everything because this is the magic of our Creator- making each waking breath of our lives a gift beyond measure.  We are blessed because we can love and we are blessed because God won’t have it any other way than to make our time here a place full of miracles and sustained elevated consciousness.


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