Lesson 339 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lesson 339: “What is the ego?”  “I will receive whatever I request.”

The Course teaches us that we are the sole individual responsible for making what we see and what we feel.  We instantaneously become the essence of what we think.  Our ideas become form.  Our state of mind becomes manifest in front of us and around us.  The Universe is designed to be aligned exactly with our energy.  Therefore whatever energy we create in the choosing of our thoughts and feelings naturally becomes evident in our world and in what we experience.  Our thinking is the foundation of anything that appears to be outside of us.  All of the entire Universe is simply our minds in action in the world.
We make the world in our ideas pouring forth.  This is a fact for sure.  What we also need to realize is that we are always essentially asking for what comes our way.  In the world we tend to believe in the separation between what we think and then what appears to follow in response to whatever we think about.  We tend to think they are in no way causing each other.  This is always totally unfortunate.  We lose touch with the reality that we are the one responsible for what gets created in the world.  We tend to believe it is all up to the gods who randomly assign people to various scenarios in the world that seem to have no bearing on what happens in the world.  When we believe this- the having no causality with each other- then we lose sight of the essential part of the equation is that our thinking was what caused it all.

We need to realize that our thinking is in fact what we are requesting.  We have to understand that this is instantaneous.  The moment we think something, it becomes manifest in the world for us to see and latch onto.  The world is simply the arena for us to play out our thoughts and interact with them and then pretend that they were not the causal factors in the equation.  We have to understand that our energy is magnetic.  The moment we think about something, we give it power, we give it energetic power that is potent as it all is part of God.  When we think about something then we make it real because we put strength in the thinking.  This actually means we are requesting what we think.

Sometimes this can seem strong.  How on earth could my thinking energy actually be a request, something we actively ask for when we are simply having run of the mill thoughts?  This doesn’t have to be a powerfully urged intention.  It can be about anything.  However, the energy is so strong that it just goes onto manifest more of the same of what we are thinking.  This is why we learn in the Course that we absolutely must pay very close attention to what we are thinking.  The power of the mind is the automatic generator of forceful everything.

We need to appreciate how powerful this energy is.  We tend to downplay it because people like to generate many other reasons other factors are more important in making the world than the requests coming from our day to day thinking.  It’s easy to make our minds seem small in the grand scheme of how life gets made.  The bottom line is that our minds are so powerful it’s difficult to emphasize this enough to really allow the concept to sink in.  This is why the Course goes to great lengths to remind us.  Thank God for that.


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