2-1-15 Lesson 32 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lesson 32: “I invented the world I see.”

We originated the nightmare we find ourselves in.  We devised it out of the thoughts that go through our minds.  We can say this idea in many different ways, with different words, but it all comes back to the same truth.  We did the craziest thing- we thought we left God.  And we simply play at life in the world that does not feed us in the Fathering nature of God.  We must take to heart that we are like little children who made up dreams in our minds.  We created it with nothing as the ego brings nothing with which to save us.  We  just got the story all wrong and thought we sinned and fell from the grace of our Maker.  All we have to do is remember there is no such thing as this insanity in the true state of perfect love which is the signature of God.  We made false beliefs to substantiate a false world.

Let’s forgive ourselves and stop doing it.  We made a wrong perception and lost the way to Heaven temporarily.  All we need to do is be willing to see that this world that we invented is nothing but the playing of children of God’s.  When we take notice that we are still God’s totally favored heirs then we stop creating this fantasy of hell that happens in the doldrums of the world.

This lesson says, “Today we are continuing to develop the theme of cause and effect.”  It says we are not the victim of the world we see because we invented it.  We can see it that way as easily as we can not see it.  This is an important reminder that we simply can release this belief and discard it promptly.  We don’t have to worry about it or deliberate about it.  This can be done instantly.  It helps so much to realize what perfect ease we can have discarding these limiting beliefs that may have been dogging us for significant portions of our lives.  We simply have to make this choice.  We don’t have to brood over whether this a good choice.  We can just show up and do it.  We surrender all feelings of drama we have over whether we can withdraw any awareness of the made-up world.


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