Lesson 113 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lesson 113: Review: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.” “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

This lesson says, “Serenity and perfect peace are mine, because I am one Self, completely whole, at one with all creation and with God.”  We can only find peace in our unified intention.  When we are aligned in all ways- energy and actions- with God’s intent then we can feel calm and happy because we are not at war within.  Our insides and our overall life and body all need to be made in union with God’s love and perfection.  Even though we balk at that- how in the world do we know ourselves as perfect in this human life?  That seems outlandish.  But Jesus teaches us here that this is our truth.  All we have to do is see it and let it in.  We have to straighten out our insides simply to give God space there to fully be recognized.  Then peace is sure because it is not dependent on our ego outlook.

Salvation is the realization that we were never separated from God.  This is a sure thing for us.  We don’ have to expend any exorbitant amount of energy.  All we have to do is show up, be ourselves and simply realize that this state of perfect peace and happiness is our salvation and is certain.  Salvation is now and our salvation is assured for all eternity as time only exists in the world’s limited view.  We can sit and love our salvation and find real solace there because it is the perfect ending, while it is simultaneously the perfect beginning.


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