Lesson 73 Laurie’s Reflections


Lesson 73: “I will there be light.”

When we feel troubled by something, this sentence gives us direct access to a way out of our suffering.  We often feel overcome with the intensities and frequencies of the upsets the world generates.  Our ego can completely shut down because it doesn’t understand how to provide these problems with a solution that will definitely work and work consistently.  The lesson is a powerful assertion where we connect with the light within us.

The sentence “I will there be light,” is in itself a miracle because this is a solution from God.   Once we connect with that light, realizing it is within us (because its existence is our right and privilege), then we can simply bring this certainty with us in each instance.  When we see something disturbing, we don’t need to even to begin to question how to heal it.  We simply show up with our inner light and the power of God heals all woes we perceive.

When we will light as a form of healing for what we see, there is also with the intent of knowing this light is a full proof way to shift some pain.  The light changes the intensity of whatever is going on- it dissipates it- and turns it around, so we will find only light there in response.  We won’t have a moment where we feel anxious that the light won’t be enough to carry love to the healing.  Everything gets a dose of perfection so nothing is left out of the grid of what can be healed.  Nothing is tossed out of the healing  process because it all can be fixed to return to its perfection with just the energy of light.

There are many ways to say this in the Course.  We just have to be willing to be channels of God’s love.  We often feel frustrated with the challenges of the world.  But all we have to do is be a willing participant for God’s Will.  We just have to stop refusing to heal.  God wants nothing but the very happiest and best for us.  We just misunderstood Him.

Thus, let’s not push away the means for finding true peace within- our willingness to join God in holy companionship that is the bringer of true peace.  We just have to accept the path and have faith in the perfection of the plan.  When we do this, then we can not resist bringing our light to all we see because it becomes a natural instinctual reaction to the dream.


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