Lesson 74 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lesson 74: “There is no will but God’s.”

The Course invites us to fully embrace that there is no other will but God’s.  We are addicted to our idols.  We are often so driven to have alcohol or drugs or food.  Or maybe our addiction is more subtle, like our love for pain and negativity or criticism.  We often just stay in the cycle of suffering and attack because this is our habit.

If this is happening for us, and almost all of us an identify with this pull to something we find difficult to be addicted to, we can embrace it and thank it for giving us awareness that we are not focused on God.  When this happens, and we forget our natural place in God’s heart, then we often start becoming overly attracted to ways of thinking and being that cause us pain.  We just have to know this is our ego’s attempt to find God.  The ego thinks any addiction or attachment to anything is where love comes from.  The ego doesn’t realize that God is the only place we find true love.  The ego just doesn’t understand.

Let’s forgive the ego.  And then let’s get out of our own planning and our own solution (the ego’s) because this is only the way straight to discord.  We have to understand that our life and our planning is part of our expression here so has relevance, but also at the same time, know it is unreal.  It has no power in the grand scheme of things, because it is not the simple and easy route to God- the remembrance that we never left God.

We have to just keep reminding ourselves that the will of God is always and only the answer.  We never have any other way to do things.  The ego is quick to exclaim- but what about X, Y and Z?  What about this part of my story?  The ego thinks it can direct future endeavors.  We just have to let go the nightmare that we were separated from God and forgot God’s plan.  And have the willingness to accept this, even if our ego resists thinking it hasn’t the control.  This is our task to accept the only reality that is worthy of space in our minds.

And let’s remember when we see that God’s is the only will in our minds, then we end whatever conflict our ego might have had within us about asserting a different will than God’s.  When our will is aligned with God we are fully at peace because there is no hint of struggle over who gets to direct the show. When we have just God in mind, our heart is calm and happy because there is no question, no anxiety about what comes next.  This  is how to carry peace with us no matter what.


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