ACIM Lesson 31

 Lesson 31” I am not a victim of the world I see.”  

One thing I think we all struggle with is how to keep balance within about consoling ourselves when we feel wounded from some attack around us or geared toward us.

We want to take care of ourselves and nurture ourselves so that we feel better in a significant way when this happens, while we also want to prevent ourselves from spiraling down into a totally ego manner where we feel completely victimized while we are just trying to take care of ourselves. 

This is a huge challenge to maintain balance within ourselves, giving ourselves love and kindness when we may have felt injured from something that happened in the world.

We are reminded in this lesson how easy it is to let the ego do the talking in response and reaction to the attack we perceived coming our way.

  The ego makes us connect with that part of us that always feels sorry for ourselves, and feels that we should get very upset in the process of responding to whatever attack comes our way. 

The ego makes us feel absolutely terrible in the process of dealing with our attack from the world.

The ego has no tools that ultimately make us feel better and appeased and cared for because the ego lacks any bit of love. 

Love is always in the mix of what we need to heal ourselves when we see attack.

The ego takes things too far, like any real addict the ego goes to extremes always. 

The ego is not able to stay within a balanced prospective, and see what happened, and simply gain information for ourselves.

We want to gain more clarity for the future about how to prevent this kind of attack from coming our way in the future, or to see how to manage this attack energy coming to  us in a way that truly makes us feel empowered.  

The ego has zero perspective on how to feel empowered.

The ego is always dealing with lack, and there never has the power of God behind it, to carry us through the attack situations when they happen.

The ego always goes to extremes and is not able to simply see something and not get really intense about it. 

The ego is always prone to making things seem and feel way worse than they are, simply because this is always what the ego does. 

We can just give the ego more practice with doing anything with a middle perspective.

Ideally, we want to sit and breathe, and have a moment to connect with God, and pause, and then check again into how we feel.

We can see if it is still valid, and something we want to express now that we have had a moment to gain the perspective, that the ego is maybe needing to express how we feel to support us in the process of healing.

But when we do, we want to connect first with our forgiveness of ourselves and them and the situation, and come with a loving heart, to simply give whoever the information that is helpful.

Just remember that the ego loves the deep end and all extremes, so that we can just anticipate when this happens, to reel the ego back from jumping into the deep end.


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