ACIM Lesson 30

Lesson 30: “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

This lesson says, “The idea for today is a springboard for vision.” 

The springboard is the thing that lends impetus to a particular action, enterprise or development. 

Impetus is the force or energy that makes something happen more quickly. 

We are growing as we do the Course workbook and apply the lessons without fail.  We grow as we read and clarify more completely what is in the text.  We are given instructions that work as long as we are willing to apply them.

The whole purpose of the Course is simply to put it into action. 

When we are living the Course then we truly get to that place of lightness and of peace because we are more practiced at allowing this to happen in our lives.

We just need to be willing to take the action steps to truly implement the Course as we go.

The gift of the Course is that we really don’t have to do much of anything. 

The Course makes our evolution as simple as possible.  We just need to accept that God is everywhere and be willing to allow this to deeply seep into our consciousness. 

When we see God as everywhere, then, suddenly we see no fear anywhere, because the ego is not speaking so loudly.

We just need to appreciate that we can access God anywhere any time.

The world may throw us a hitch and we may lose our way in the process, because the world is filled with all this emotional drama and attack energy, that throws us off center. 

But the Course is giving us a way to heal ourselves when this happens.

We can have access to the miracle all the time.  The miracle is simply our shift in consciousness and this is available to us always. 

We just need to be willing to accept it and bring it with us whenever we can.

God is always within us, and this is why we never have to suffer a moment of grief.

God is right within our minds and hearts, holding our hands, and giving us true comfort and peace because God loves us infinitely.

All we need to do is accept this and allow it to be true in our minds.

We never have to fret about anything because God is always within us, and so we don’t have to do anything to access God, but simply realize this is true.


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