ACIM Lesson 178

Lesson 178: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”  “Let my mind not deny the thought of God.”  “I am entrusted with the gifts of God.”

We have the most amazing thing going with God. 

God loves us without fail.

He loves us unconditionally and wholly without any reservation whatsoever. 

God loves us with a healthy, appropriate relationship style where God is in the position of showering us with the kudos from the best parent we could ever have. 

We get God’s best because God wants us to have the keys to kingdom.

This means that nothing can really go wrong because there is nothing wrong because we already have God’s Love.  

The Course says all of our guilt rests on the notion that we separated from God.

All of our guilt stems from this because we have this unconscious, almost imperceptible guilt that is pervasive,  but also evasive and often hard to find. 

That guilt is a block to Love’s presence.  It is the only problem we really think we have and we react around our upset feelings in reference to this guilt.

But the Course reminds us that we never left the mind of God and that we certainly never separated from God in any fashion at all. 

That means that our problem with our guilt is just a mistake and easily removed entirely. 

There is nothing to do but enjoy the day because we get God’s great favor, God’s great abundant, ever- sustaining love, and we get God’s worldly abundance as well.

God is unlimited in His power, and therefore, all of God’s energy remains the same- in that it is a plenty of aligned, perfect energy on which we can rely wholeheartedly because it is always available for us. 

This is our guarantee that there is no problem whatsoever.

This guarantee gets us into the position that we have always wanted to be in. 

All we need to do is realize this and accept it.

We need to get the whole truth about the true nature of God and the truth about all the ways we get the best deal with God that we could ever want.

 We just need to listen to and integrate this truth and allow it to be felt and experienced thoroughly. 

This is the way to our happy dream because we get all the good stuff.

The reason God gives us all this is because God respects us. 

The problem with most religions is that there is always some attack energy and intention going on between their idea of God and us in that particular scenario.

When God is angry at us and thinks we sinned, then we deserve punishment, some ego based realigns say, then we never rest in the comfort and peace of God’s certainty and peace because we think God is out to get us.

They say God says we are always the bad guy and never worthy of forgiveness.  

The problem is that this sets us up in a relationship with God that is full of fear, regret, anxiety, guilt, shame, the whole gamut of fear based feelings which arise in the situations where we believe God would be angry at us and blaming us.

The course reminds us that God totally respects us and entrusts us with all of His great fortune.

Because God respects us, this, then, shifts everything we used to think about the way God was explained in typical religions.  

We just need to take this in because it is a happy idea and fresh, but takes some getting used to. 

Our job is practice accepting this more deeply.

We can bless God for loving us so much and correcting our false beliefs. 

We can skip away, laughing, as we lovingly deny our nightmare.


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