ACIM Lesson 179

Lesson 179: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”  “There is one Life, and that I share with God.”  “Your grace is given me.  I claim it now.”

The Course gives us the assurance that God has the most spectacular plan. 

God has set into motion a life for us that outdoes any standard we may be used to previously.  God arranged our lives for us by His own Hand.

He knows exactly what is good for us because He knows the spiritual lessons that are appropriate for each of us to learn at each particular juncture of our lives. 

God knows everything because God is supremely powerful and perfect and never misses a beat.  

Furthermore, He has the capacity that is only seen in God because of the outrageousness of His power.

God’s incredible power is meant for and dedicated to serve us and take care of us and feed us. 

God has a plan in motion because God wants for us the best.

Also, He knows exactly what is best for us because of the amazing, all-comprehensive knowledge He has. 

This is why we want to not question God’s plan because God certainly knows better than anyone else and better than our egos what is meant to serve us.

We must trust God and this can require some learning on our parts.  

Trust is that gigantic surrender of the ego’s agenda. 

When we trust God’s plan, that puts the ego out of business and that is bad for sales.

The ego is a big complainer and seriously is a poor loser and feels affronted if we even try to choose God instead. 

To the ego, this feels like a total rocking of the ship and of the ego’s steering.  The ego is not happy when it feels like we pay more interest in God and God’s plan.  The ego will complain loudly and try to persuade us to stay glued to the ego’s plan.

Just appreciate that whatever struggle the ego gives us, this is just par for the course.  

The ego just has such a strong attachment to being in control it will just require us to just be firm about our decision to get to God.

No matter how much the ego likes to claim that it knows the way we should go for our highest benefit, the truth is that this is always wrong.

The truth is that the ego just hows know how to talk the talk but doesn’t really say anything. 

This is why we need to be willing to just wade right through the muck the ego tries to send our way.

It is the ego trying to divert our path and get us confused and so does things like muddy the water. 

God only knows the best path for us and we are asked to just listen to God and trust.

This can be a big task when we have the ego in our minds also being loud and persistent there too.

We just need to remember that when we give God the right to be in charge, then everything becomes easy. 

When we follow the ego’s plan, inevitably we end up resisting the path because we have whatever grievances about the plan as it comes. 

When we allow God instead to give us direction and then accept our Godly path as it comes, then suddenly we are not trying to change the path and so we are not attacking it in truth.

And we don’t have to resist because we have already established trust God’s plan.

Then, our experience of living becomes peaceful because we are not attached to resisting God’s path when we see it as it comes.


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