ACIM Lesson 187

Lesson 187: “I bless the world because I bless myself.”

The Course teaches us to revise our personalities. 

We must broaden our self esteem until we get to a point where we feel so solid in who we are that we are working from a full cup. 

Then we become increasingly functional in the world because we are operating from a place of plenty.  The Course is the tool that provides us with the instruction about how to create for ourselves a sound self concept.  Jesus teaches us to see ourselves not just primarily but strictly as God’s children and heirs.  This then allows us to have a solid base upon which we build the rest of our worldly personalities. Then, we find the most suitable ways for us to be functional in the ways we feel called.

When we do we then feel so good that doing our jobs and relationships in the world all becomes relatively a breeze.

When our minds are full with Gods’s Love and certainty, then we don’t feel fragmented anymore. 

The ego always believes we are in pieces and this is why we are not optimally functional.

God’s purpose is to correct this error in our thinking.

We are learning to be clear that we also have the same desire as God has for us.  When we really listen we find out that God is our favorite teacher and our most cherished parent, and thus, we can simply listen to the information that we are valuable and lovable.  Then we can do all kinds of tasks in the world.  We no longer struggle because we feel as great as we do being certain with God. Therefore, we can do things that we maybe never thought we could.  The world’s story changes because the games we play there become just a walk in the park.

This lesson says “And both must gain in this exchange, for each will have the thought in the form most helpful to him.”  The Course teaches that giving and receiving are the same and that all experiences are the opportunity to be in the role as giver.  All that we do here is just giving and receiving both simultaneously.

The Course says that our energy gets elevated when we give and because all we give is of God’s Love in form. 

We want to give Love no matter how the form appears in the world.  The Course says that giving and receiving are both equally wonderful and therefore, desired by all of us.  Since they are the same then we can look forward to both of them equally.

In receiving, we always must have what we are giving first in order to give it away.

This is why giving is perfectly thrilling to do because it means we have already what we gave.  Giving and receiving are equally blessed to do.

We are also encouraged here to let go of any judgement about what we see.

Appreciate that God has a plan and whatever is happening implies His plan is already in motion because it is being manifested outwardly. 

God’s plan is continually moving forward as the present continually renews itself; because the moment is where we find God’s purpose as it is. 

Trust that God’s plan is perfect as it is.  The ego likes to point fingers at the plan and complain that the form of what is happening should look other than it does.  The Course reminds us to let go of that incessant judgment.  Appreciate that each person will receive from the happenings in the world exactly what they need for their highest learning and therefore, the way the outcome looks is perfect as it is.  Even if it looks funny to us, we must appreciate this is just our ego’s push to make everything right to the ego.

Just know that our job is to surrender that judgement and give it right back to God’s altar.


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