ACIM Lesson 189

Lesson 189: “I feel the Love of God within me now.”

This lesson says, “Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all ideas of which it is ashamed… Forget the world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.” 

We are learning to give everything up.  It turns out that nothing in the world is worthy of keeping in the innermost parts of our souls.  We want only the ideas of God.

We want minds that are clear and open to God’s suggestion because this is the way to reach God in any real way. 

The Course gives us instructions on how to be detached to anything that the world may value.  The world always has opinions and tries to get us to behave and feel in certain ways.  This external focus distracts us from the simple truth that God is the only Essence and energy with which we want to have contact in the depths of our hearts and minds.  God says that the world must be liberated.

We want to surrender any grip we still have on the ego’s likings.  This temptation always ends in our heartache when we follow it.  

The Course reminds us that we have nothing else to do but be whole and perfectly healed.  When we are in this degree of certainty and lovability we exude the most amazing energy that we share with the world and our brothers and sisters.  We don’t have to do anything in order to make things right.  This is all we have to know.  Then we become the experience that we are learning to be- of God’s certainty.  Then we can stop doing anything other than remember that we never left the Mind of God.  This is why we can stop studying the Course; because we want to embody it not just read about it.

The time comes for each person to set the Course down for some period of time.

We want to be in the practice of living the Course.  This is the purpose Jesus wants us to remember passionately.  

The Course says come with wholly empty hands to your God.  We feel this perfect mentality when we are open to God’s teaching and suggestion- indicated by the open stance in meeting God.

We want to bring our bodies and hands with us to meet God so we can volunteer them to participate in God’s purpose.

The Course says- allow our bodies to be vehicles so that we can bring salvation to the world and miracles to the masses. 

We bring our hands to God so that God may use them to His behest.

We give this gift to God when we bring our open minds- available for bringing our own truth into the world for a shift in consciousness of the people who want to learn self respect through God’s teaching and example. 

This is why our hands matter.  We share them gladly with God’ purpose to heal the masses.  We do what God calls us to do with gentle persistence to save the world in our own special way.

This is why we can give up all of our attachment to anything that happens in the world.

We may want to notice it and even remember the events, but also remember this is simply the present, gracefully becoming the past.

Therefore, we can enjoy being in it while it happens and then let it go when it is over.  We want to simply stay grounded in God’s purpose which is to undo resistance we have to being in the present.   Thus, we must come with wholly empty hands.  That means we let go of everything that isn’t God with a grateful heart.


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