1-30-15 Lesson 30 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, January 30, 2015

Lesson 30: “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

It is important to make the connection of why God is in everything we see.  If we perceive all parts of life as containing God, this is the first step to living miracles.  When we see God in everything, then everything becomes holy.  Then everything we do is simply an expression of love because we see the essence of God in everything.  This is love.

Finally we need to connect the dots in what Jesus is teaching here.  When we see everything as God and we are in love with all we see, this is the ideal way that we want to approach life.  This gives us the happy dream.  It is especially helpful here that Jesus is pointing out to us again that God is in everything that seems external or internal.

But the reason this is is because God is coming forth from the foundation of our minds.  The God in our mind is being reflected into the world and made manifest in all there is.  We just need to know that because God is in everything that doesn’t mean that God leaves our mind.  The ego might make an attempt at logic and say, “If God is in that pencil then God can’t also be in my mind.  God is limited by the world’s rules.”

What we need to do is understand that statement is completely false.  God can and is in me and everyone and the pencil and everything because God has no limits to speak of.  We just need to be mindful that we aren’t  assigning God the world’s rules because the ego can’t imagine such freedom. Therefore, we hold space for the possibility that God is so far beyond our wildest dreams when it comes to all things.


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