1-29-15 Lesson 29 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lesson 29: “God is in everything I see.”

This lesson reminds us to break through any barriers.  We have the habit of getting stuck and we keep categories of our lives from the reach of God.  Of course God is never prevented from any place in truth because God is supremely powerful and can accomplish anything.  But the Course teaches us that we are meant to play an important role in our healing.  We are the ones who come with the willingness.  And we rally the willingness to allow God into every aspect of our lives.  When we let ourselves try to hide parts of us from God, we end up having this backfire, and we end up getting ourselves in what might seems like harm’s way because we are not willing to surrender completely to God’s purpose.

Our willingness is the intention we make to move; it is the beginning of the action of mobilizing our energy.  This is why connecting with our willingness and actively applying our willingness to giving our hearts in full to God is a tremendous unblocking.  The Course teaches that it can’t teach how to love because that can only come from experience.  But the Course instead teaches us how to remove the blocks to love.  This is the way we get aligned with God.  This is how we grow to understand that God is in everything we see.  When we give our lives completely to God and join with His energy, then we realize and know that God is everywhere.

When we see that God is everywhere we see this is the blessing of viewing everything as love or a call for love.  Love results in each circumstance the Course teaches us so this means as a result that the love we perceive everywhere is simply the expression of God.


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