Miracles Lesson 13

Miracles Lesson 13:  A” meaningless world endangers fear.”

This lesson brilliantly reminds us that the world is meaningless.

The Curse’s wisdom about the world helps us see that the world has no meaning.

Therefore, we can see it as unreal and not get upset about it. Our egos try to convince us that the world has lots of impact on us and is full of meaning.

The world is devoid of significance because it is false. The Course brilliantly describes that the world is unreal because it is not inherently of God. The world is full of meaninglessness.   

The Course says that the world is meaningless, so we do make sure we do not get upset about the world. The world is full of calls for Love, so we find distressful situations that emotionally upset us.

When this dark energy comes up for us, we start to stress and be disturbed by the world. When this happens, we need to watch our minds and be great at resolving the dark energy within our minds.

So then we will stop suffering about the world because we get good at seeing the calls for Love in the world as minor grievances.

So we can get to a place of watching the world and making sure we remember that the world is meaningless so we will never be upset about it because we get accomplished at watching our minds and catching our minds when we are upset about the world.  

The fact that the Course sees the world as meaningless means that it is neutral, so we do not get upset about it. A neutral world makes the world fun so we can enjoy our time there. The world is unreal and cannot annoy us even a little bit.  

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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