ACIM Lesson 293

Lesson 293: “What is the Holy Spirit?”  “All fear is past and only love is here.”

This lesson says, “Nor let my ears be deaf to all the hymns of gratitude the world is singing underneath the sounds of fear.” 

The hymns of gratitude exist to elevate our energy and consciousness.  The hymns of gratitude are singing to bring us joy.  We so often forget to notice the joy.  That happiness is within reach within our minds and in any circumstance in which we find ourselves.  Very often we are deaf to it.

It is still all present in the world when we want to hear it.  We just have to listen.  

This is always our purpose.  We just forget that we can be light and happy.  The experience of lightness allows us to fly through our days with an easy heart.  The capacity for us to be light is ceaselessly apparent.  We humans are all blessed with this potential.  We just have to choose it.  It is our only real task in life.  We can be happy.  We all make the choice if we decide that is what we want for ourselves.  Who wouldn’t want to be happy?

Lots of us get conditioned into accepting that happiness is more than we can manage while we are doing all of our worldly tasks. 

But the truth is we are worthy of doing both. 

We can remember to be light and joyful at the exact same second we do laundry or labor in a corporate job.  We are just needing to remember we can do both because we are so gifted as God’s creations.

We must be clear to delegate fear to the past. 

When we refuse to entertain the concept of fear in the present we get entirely released from it. 

We just need to understand that fear is part of the nightmare in this illusion of the world and we are worthy of being happy.  We can not be happy if we buy into the idea that fear is real.

We must give our fear to God and establish that our hearts are happy with love instead of fear within.


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