ACIM Lesson 81

Lesson 81: “I am the light of the world.”  “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

This lesson says, “In its calm light, let all my conflicts disappear.” 

The beauty of God’s Light is that is is filled with Love and forgiveness and the Supreme energetic elevation. 

God shines this Light, which heals us when we remember it is always there within us and around us. 

The extraordinary thing is that there is a calmness in God’s Light and Supreme Energy and it is all we need to stay in a higher vibration.

This calmness is that part of this Love that reminds us that discord and conflict energy have no business in our minds, words, or behaviors.

This calmness is, all we need, in our love, to result in having Godly Essence within, where that attack energy is negated entirely. 

God is right there, demonstrating this Energy of healing, and Love, and calmness- where attack could never exist, and therefore, we can really enjoy the ride of our lives.

Because, we ourselves- as individuals- and -as the Sonship- and in society as a whole, all get to experience a harmony within ourselves, and a harmony with others, because God is the provider of this exquisite Light of peace and Love.

When we feel God’s Love with calmness in it is when we are comfortable within, and we are not resisting God’s influence. 

That calmness signifies that we are not trying to make war with what we see. 

We just surrender all the hard stuff, and sit instead- with our certainty of lovability -from God. 

Then we feel so good and we radiate out our amazing elevated Energy, and then everyone gets healed from feeling our Energy.

The calmness is that state of mind where we are open to God’s way, and we stop trying to skirt around the reality before us. 

We can then sit with a grateful heart about what we see, instead of battling with the drama at hand. 

We just need to sit and bless what we see instead, and just allow miracles to profusely pour from us, because they are so plentiful inside of us, we can’t hold them back any longer. 

This calmness is God’s permission to lose our attachment to the attack energy around us. 

We just need to let God be our guide, and extricate ourselves from the ego’s fierce hold. 

Rather, we allow God to sweep us off into the chosen land of Heaven’s Gate, where our salvation is a given.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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