ACIM Lesson 211

Lesson 211: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “I am the holy Son of God Himself.”

This lesson says, “In silence and true humility I seek God’s glory to behold it in the Son whom He created as my Self.” 

This is a beautiful reminder that we can come with a quiet heart to sit with God. 

The ego runs its narrative a million miles a minute and tries to string together some sense of self worth through telling stories about the drama in which our egos like to partake.  The Course reminds us that our egos are always trying to fill what they think are big shoes, like somehow we have to become better than it appears we are.  This is why the ego is so big on trying to sell itself to the outer world and all who inhabit it.  The ego is of the opinion that it has nothing on which to found its self worth so the ego talks a big game.

The ego tries to make itself appear much bigger than the ego knows it is.   The ego knows it is always in a mind of lack, where we have nothing to make ourselves acceptable and worthwhile.  Therefore, the ego pretends that it does.  The Course reminds us that we don’t have to rely on our ego to give us that sense of self worth.

God rather does this when we listen to God’s message in the Course that we are all completely worthy of being the children of God. 

That means we don’t have to do anything but show up and be just that.  We don’t have to speak or tell stories.  This is always the ego tactic to feign it is substantial.  But it never works because it is not based on any truth.

The Course teaches us that we can stay out of our thinking mind.

We are learning how to experience the feeling of God’s love and God’s certainty. 

Then we feel so good that we attract abundance as well because it naturally flows into our energy as we feel it already in our minds.  The Course says that we want to focus on getting out of that thinking mind that is perpetuated by the ego.

We learn rather how to come to God with what the Course calls true humility.  

The Course also calls this grandeur when we know that God is totally loving us and wholly devoted to us. 

Therefore, all we have to do is remember to stay in this inner knowing that God selected for us this path where we feel God’s certainty because we deserve it as God’s children.

The Course gives us a clear message.  It says that God loves us and values us beyond all measure.  God gives us the greatest gifts that we could possibly have in this human lifetime.

We get the gifts of certainty of mind and inexhaustible love. 

This lesson reminds us that we are God’s children.

God wants us to be His children so that we are afforded all the same rights in the Universal Plan. 

We can thus create like God in the human experience.  We can choose our mentality and emotional states.  God gives us every advantage that we could ever hope to ask for because God wills it to be so.

The biggest message from the Course is that because we are God’s children, then we are given such gifts as God’s glory. 

The Course reminds us that we so regularly think we will get way less than what will actually come in our human experience.  The Course says to allow our minds to say yes to the potential that the end product of our abundance is as large as it is meant to be.  The ego always downplays whatever possibilities with which we are faced.   The Course says, open our minds and let the abundance be plentiful; and allow it to pour forth from God’s Resources.  We are learning to surrender the ideas of being small in the world’s counting games.

We must be open to the possibilities that our reality could look totally different than we might think with our limited scope. 


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